Knockin on The Front Door

November 25, 2008 in Quizzes

Not this particular front door

Not this exact front door

My most recent quiz post gives a fair impression of the standard of quiz that I, personally, have encountered in Ennis, since moving here in 2004.  Some highlights* include: a sports quiz in which all 10 rounds were about English and Scottish football,  a Christmas round which included questions about inventors who later claimed to have first imagined their most famous creations on Christmas Day (when it was actually patented or released had nothing to do with it) and a quiz in which one could buy a correct answer at the end of each round for €5 (this on top of the €40 we’d paid for the table).

So it’s no surprise that I continue to seek my quizzing fix in Galway, the city I left in 2004.  This isn’t that crazy an idea: it’s only an hour’s drive, most of my old quiz buddies still live there, and there’s a pretty active quizzing scene.

Back in September, Galway’s The Front Door started a series of three quizzes, in which a grand prize of €1,200 in travel vouchers would be won by the team whose agregate score over all three nights was the highest.  This challenge necessitated the rounding up of the A team i.e. Mike, Michelle, Dave and myself.

Well, not to kill the tension but we won!  I intend writing about how we did in another post shortly.  No, this post is about the fact that The Front Door have decided to do it again…

Normally, when one goes back to a venue it’s a case of plus ça change.  However, before the quiz had begun last night, it was clear that things had changed.  The top prize is now €1,000 in cash – which is good.  The entrance fee had gone up though, from €20 to €25 – this is bad.  To be honest, it’s daft.  How is one supposed to split €25 by four?  Yes, I know it’s €6.25 each but c’mon, instead of a nice, handy €5 note one now has to get out a tenner and look for €3.75 back in change.  STUPID.

When the quiz got going it was made up of 8 rounds, 2 of which were a picture round and a music round.  The multimedia rounds were a tad lazy though, as in both cases, they involved 5 questions worth 2 points each.  This being the fourth quiz we’ve attended in The Front Door since the start of Autumn, it’s not surprising that they’re now pretty efficient at running them.

Also, there was only one messed up answer during the course of the night.  As we answered ‘Venus’ to the question ‘Who was the Roman goddess of love?’, Dave opined “They’d better not say it was Aphrodite.”  This, of course, rendered it inevitable that Aphrodite was indeed the answer they sought.  It was amusing to see that, as he headed for the stage, at least three other tables were there before him.  Once again, the organisers are to be commended as, following a quick trip to google, they acknowledged their mistake.  See, quizzes of Ennis, that’s how it should be!

In the end we emerged victorious, by 1 point, on a score of 76/80.  I’ve included the four questions we got wrong as well as the evening’s picture round.

  1. Which type of Bear is the largest: Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear?
  2. What European country has not been at war since 1815?
  3. In what year were the Progressive Democrats founded?
  4. What town is Brian Cowen from?

Picture round**:


Answers here.

* I’m being ironic.

** Be sure to squint your eyes so as to simulate the dodgy photocopied image quality.

2 responses to Knockin on The Front Door

  1. Quizzing Scene?

    Sounds almost seedy!

    Mike has informed me that he won’t be bringing his A game in two weeks time as his first exam is that day. 🙂

  2. Picture #3 Enda Kenny could easily be mistaken for actor Victor Garber from the TV spy show ‘Alias’

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