Knocking on The Front Door answers

November 25, 2008 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the questions I included at the end of Knocking on The Front Door.

  1. Which type of Bear is the largest: Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear? A> Polar Bear [Too much choice can be a bad thing.]
  2. What European country has not been at war since 1815? A> Switzerland [Unfortunately this was too obvious for us.]
  3. In what year were the Progressive Democrats founded? A> 1985 [We were close. Said 1986]
  4. What town is Brian Cowen from? A> Clara [Again, we were close. Like, within 20 miles…]
  1. fd-pics1Katie Holmes
  2. Orlando Bloom
  3. Enda Kenny
  4. Jack Black
  5. Gráinne Seoige*

* That’s two quizzes in a row now.  She’s popular with the quiz setters of the Western seaboard, obviously.

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