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December 2, 2008 in Quizzes

Outside the door

Outside the door

The potential of a hard frost had to be braved last night for the second of The Front Door‘s three-part quiz.  Sure, the weather forecast said it was going to be 6°C, with a good chance of showers but still, you can never be sure.

Liverpool v West Ham was also scheduled to be shown in the back part of the bar and, with 75% of the team inflicted with support of the reds, there was a worry that this might prove distracting.  Thankfully, the cold weather played havoc with the Setanta signal.  The picture seemed to be completely garbled almost every time one of us snuck out to check the game.  Dave couldn’t handle being too out of the loop though and managed to divide his cerebral hemispheres between the first four rounds of the quiz and the Five Live match commentary in his right ear!

Quiz #2 started a little late (close to 9pm) but, hey, we all know that the time printed on a table quiz’s poster is officially in Irish Time, don’t we? 🙂

Once it did start, things did proceeded briskly enough.  The questions were a bit more varied than previous nights with rounds such as ‘We name a company and you name its country of origin’ and ‘Which movie featured these two actors?’, the latter being something suspiciously like a round that occured every month in the nearby Bazaar movie quiz.  As an aside, judging by the Bazaar website, we won’t be quizzing there any time soon…

There was only one moment of debate throughout the night.  At half-time we were told the answers to round 4, the picture round.  As before this featured just five pictures and we were joint-leaders on 33 points.  The first strange thing about that score was that we had been on 29 points after round 3 and, up to this point anyway, they’d been giving 2 points per correct answer for the music and picture rounds.  Now, we knew we’d gotten all five right so, even taking 1 point per answer into account, we’d been short-changed.

Mike drew the short straw, headed up and found out that they we had received 5/5 for the picture round.  What had happened though was that they’d remarked round 1 after deciding that our answer to the question “In what year was Queens College Galway founded?” had been incorrect.  Someone (and no-one could say who, funnily enough) was so certain that the answer should have been 1855 that they went back and remarked any offending answer sheets.

Now I knew our answer, 1845, was right as (showing my age here) I was a student back in 1995 when UCG (let us never forget its proper name) celebrated its 150th birthday.  There’s still a refill pad with the special logo on it in my parents’ house somewhere.  I must have looked cock sure anyway, as the lady in charge headed off in search of google.  She was back a few minutes later to tell us that we’d gotten our point back!

At the end, our total of 72/75* was good enough to win by two points.  Here are the three questions we got wrong for you to have a go at:

  1. Name the film which featured both Val Kilmer and Anthony Hopkins.
  2. If Ford is famous as a manufacturer of cars, what is Claud Butler famous for making?
  3. Who released the album ‘Smoke and Strong Whiskey’?

As usual, here’s the picture round**:

fd-pics2Answers here.

* Strangely, even though the pictures round had been downgraded to 5 points, they still awarded 10 points for the 5 music questions.

** Pictures are presented without numbers, just as they were on the night. 🙂

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