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January 27, 2009 in Quizzes

charlie-golden-ticketRTÉ Sport and the GAA are giving away a ‘Golden Season Ticket’ this week on Drivetime Sport.

This is basically the gaelic games equivalent of the Golden Ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and will get you into any GAA game of your choice, anywhere in the country, throughout 2009.  This includes big games in Croke Park and you can even use it more than once a day!  That’s if your transport capabilities are up to the task, admittedly.  Still, it’s a great prize.

Anyways, you’ve probably guessed that I wouldn’t be mentioning it here if a quiz wasn’t involved and you’d be right.  They’re running a quiz all this week to find a suitable person to bestow this prize on.

Each night from Monday to Wednesday, a celebrity quizmaster will ask three questions.  Judging by the standard of Monday’s questions (asked by Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh), this could be one of the hardest quizzes we’ll come across here on the blog.

For the sake of completeness I’d going to reproduce the questions here.  That said, one could always just go straight to the source too.  I’ll give the answers the usual new blog post when they’re made known.

Night 1 (Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh):

  1. Name the last player who won senior All-Ireland hurling medals with two different counties?
  2. Who was the Dublin footballer that won an All-Ireland minor medal one year and a senior one the following year?
  3. Who was the player who won Railway Cup football medals with two provinces and All-Ireland senior medals with counties in those provinces? (This isn’t exactly what’s on the RTÉ site but it’s how the question was clarified on air by Mícheál)
  4. Who was the only player in the history of the GAA to have won All-Ireland medals at minor, under-21, junior and senior intercounty levels and at club level in football? (Again not exactly what’s on the site but he did say it’s a football question)

Night 2 (Seán Óg Ó Ceallacháin):

  1. What county was the first to receive the Liam McCarthy cup?
  2. Who was the first man to receive the Sam Maguire cup?
  3. Name the Rhodesia-born player who won senior All Ireland football medals in 1976 and 1977?
  4. An inter-provincial Railway Cup final (in hurling) was played outside the country for the first time in 2003. Where was it played?

Night 3 (Jimmy Magee):

  1. Name three Cork men, each selected on a Team of the Millennium, who between them won 21 All-Ireland senior medals?
  2. Which of the Ulster counties was the first to play in an All-Ireland senior final?
  3. Which future president of the GAA, in a period of nine years, was involved in seven All-Ireland senior finals, winning four and refereeing two?
  4. Which county won the Sam Maguire cup with five sets of brothers?

There ye go.  I’ll post up the answers tomorrow evening, when they’re announced.

If you’d like to enter the competition yourself you’ve got til sometime* on January 29 to email your answers to:

* They’re a bit vague on the website.  All it really says is that four finalists will be announced on Thursday evening’s show.  Obviously, folks will have had to have entered by then!  That’s all I can tell ye…

Update: Answers are here…

2 responses to GAA Golden Ticket

  1. How hard are these questions?

    As I heard the first four read out, I realised I only knew the answer to one of them. That’s a bad start!

    24 hours (and a great deal of googling) on and I’ve managed to get the answers to two more. Hopefully the answer to the fourth will crop up sometime before the end of the quiz…

  2. ‘Twas clearly a tape recording of Seán Óg Ó Ceallacháin on last night’s show. Maybe he’s not up to coming in to the studio any more?

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