Kermode’s Movie Game 08

January 6, 2009 in Quiz Show

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo.

As each year ends, some radio and TV shows combine the need to have a retrospective look back on the preceding 12 months with the desire to enjoy themselves and hit upon the idea of  a quiz.  Over the next few days I’ll be uploading some of my favourites from the recent holiday period.

A weekly habit of mine is to listen to the podcast of Mark Kermode discussing the newest movies on Simon Mayo‘s radio show on BBC 5 Live. Some weeks one or both of them will be on holidays but, for the most part, it’s a show that features two mates slagging each other off continuously.  It reminds me of my own days on university radio in fact!

Anyone who’s seen him on The Culture Show on BBC2, will have a handle on Mark’s schtick.  On the radio, however, he really lets loose the dogs of camp (or should that be the Poodles of camp?).  Recurring jokes include: saying “hello” to an ever-growing list of celebrity friends-of-the-show; if a better film than The Exorcist has been made, Mark hasn’t seen it; a proclivity towards impressions of Jason Statham and Danny Dyer and the odd demand for audience participation, such as asking cinema-goers leaving Ice Age 2 to opine loudly that the film was the “… death of narrative cinema, as we know it.”

The teams are: The Bad Santas (Richard Herring and Eddie Marsan) and Team Grinch (Sean Lock and Dev Patel).  Simon asks the questions and Mark both keeps score and plays musical clues on the Ukulele, Harmonica and (seriously) the Bagpipes, as if he were on “… X-Factor for homeless buskers.”

That’s according to Mr Lock who, IMO, I’m glad to hear is actually giving it a go here.  Before this I’ve only really seen him on QI, where he invariably plays the role of the frustrated child.

Anyway, here’s the show:

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