Guest blog: Blow-in Quizzers

March 1, 2009 in Quizzes

A welcoming bar out westBlow-ins get fierce reactions around our parts. They arouse suspicion are are frequently loathed on sight for being nothing more than strangers. On the flipside, I’ve worn that banner in the past as well: representing a Gort pub in the Galway heats of a national quiz for instance.

The one that particularly springs to mind dates from the early nineties when quizzing was hugely popular in the west. SBB and his wife used to set the questions, and to this day I don’t recall better. Anyways, Dad & I were on a team which won a big – about 45 teams – quiz in Carraroe. On our way out, the organisers of a quiz the following week invited us back to Lettermullen or Lettermore… Lettersomething anyhow. He seemed friendly enough, so we agreed.

Cue the following week where we landed in a small village pub in the middle of nowhere. Yer man, of course, wasn’t there and we could hardly explain what brought us out to the islands that wintry night. With banjos playing in our ears we squeaked a win (good idea or not, us Coynes don’t play for 2nd!) and promptly skedaddled out of there, plaques in hand.

Which is a roundabout way to introduce Friday night’s quiz. Shelly and I were invited by the organizer’s girlfriend who’d been humiliated by her last place finish last time. Sold to us as a charity quiz, it was actually a social club event. Sorta beneath us, said he loftily, like bringing ringers onto the Springfield Isotopes. Regardless, the questions were quite well written, wherever they were sourced from. Here are a selection on ones we remember.

Lots of numbers to start with: a bit cruel in my opinion, as many’s the quiz you can be a digit out and have nothing to show for it.

  1. What do you call a 15 litre bottle of Champagne?
  2. How many counties on the island of Ireland have a coastline?
  3. To the nearest percent, by what margin did Obama beat McCain to the presidency?
  4. How many men signed the Irish Declaration of Independence?
  5. How many years have you been married to celebrate your crystal wedding anniversary?
  6. What year was the battle of Aughrim?
  7. In what year did Scott reach the South Pole?
  8. Where will the 2010 Winter Olympics take place?
  9. What’s the largest island in the Mediterranean?
  10. What was Lily Munster’s maiden surname in the Munsters?
  11. What’s the fourth book of the Old Testament?
  12. Name Moe’s cat in the Simpsons.
  13. How many bones are there in a human hand?
  14. Apart from water, what runs through the mouth of the River Amazon and Lake Victoria?
  15. In what state in the US can the Kodiak bear be found?

Just googled Q14 out of interest to see that yep, the questions were a mongrel set compiled off the ‘net. Better than the Front Door’s Daily Mail Quizbook 1996 though.

Update: Answers here.

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