Don’t make me hurry answers

March 22, 2009 in Quiz Show, Quizzes

old-radioHere are the answers to the questions posed in the Don’t make me… Hurry round I posted on Friday. Sorry for the delay but, hey, it’s the weekend!


  1. What drink is the main ingredient in the cocktail Kir? A> Wine
  2. What was invented by Percy Shaw? A> Cats Eyes
  3. What was invented by Jethro Tull? A> The seed drill
  4. What was invented by Jesse W. Reno? A> The escalator
  5. What was invented by Fick, Calt and Muller? A> Contact lens
  6. What is the capital city of Montserrat? A> Plymouth
  7. What is the capital city of Fiji? A> Suva
  8. In what year did band leader Glen Miller die? A> 1944
  9. In what year did climber of Everest Sir Edmund Hillary die? A> 2008
  10. Who scored the final point for Clare in the 1995 Munster Hurling final? A> Fergal Hegarty
  11. Who is the deputy Mayor of Clare? A> Bill Chambers
  12. With which Clare town is associated with traditional musician Mrs Crotty? A> Kilrush
  13. In which country was Satsuma Porcelain created? A> Japan
  14. Which English county contained 11 potteries in the 18th century? A> Staffordshire
  15. Who painted the Angelus? A> Jean-François Millet
  16. Who painted American Gothic? A> Grant Wood
  17. “My love’s like the melody, that’s sweetly played in tune”. What song? A> A red, red rose
  18. “The overpowering feeling that any second, you may suddenly appear”. What song? A> On the street where you live
  19. What kind of animal is a bushmaster? A> Snake
  20. In the song Spancil Hill, the singer’s sweetheart was whose daughter? A> Mack the Ranger
  21. Who sang ’80s hit Broken Wings? A> Mr. Mister

Back to normality tomorrow, and round 10 of the HQ quiz.

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