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March 20, 2009 in Quiz Show, Quizzes

me angryLast night, at 7.30pm, I was in an Ennis pub (which I won’t name here) to take part in the Special Olympics All-County quiz, hosted on Clare FM. Why 7.30? Well, we’d be told (several times) that the quiz would start at 8pm sharp. This time didn’t go to waste though as the main invigilator read us out the rules, in detail, from an email she’d printed off, in a manner that suggested the table quiz being a new-fangled concept we needed help understanding.  That said, being told that each round would have five questions did cause us to do a double take!

When did it start? 8.20pm.  This is indicative of the timing problems that would plague this quiz. At 8pm Clare FM broadcast a news bulletin, followed by an ad break, followed by a Saw Doctors tune. Finally we got to hear the voice of the host but, even then, we still had to listen to his explanation of the rules, in detail once more, before we could kick off.

Round one (the Mixed Round) started off and the host flew through five general knowledge questions. This didn’t seem like a problem at the time as we knew them all. Great start, 5/5, easy!

Round two (Cocktails) followed very quickly. “Cocktails?” I asked out loud. “Good luck to ya, if you’re not a big drinker.” It turned out we weren’t big drinkers. We only knew three of them straight off but, as we do, we noted down the other two to mull over. The only problem being that we weren’t going to get and thinking time as the collectors were out of the blocks almost as soon as he’d finished repeating question 5.

This didn’t seem accidental though as, on air, the host almost immediately proceeded to round three (Inventions). We only got two of these right but I won’t complain about that. Questions are like the cards you’re dealt and everyone who’s in a quiz has to cope with them as best they can. What’s hard to understand though is structuring the quiz itself in such an awkward and unfriendly manner.

On the night there were 11 rounds (10 regular + 1 music). These were read out in bursts, 1-3, 3-6, 6-9 and finally 10-11.  In between these frantic questioning periods we were treated to at least four MOR tunes, several ad breaks and a lot of banter from the studio. While the banter wasn’t too bad (to be fair), it, the music and everything else smacked of filler. Why? Why rush through the rounds (which only had five questions each. Again, why?) and then appear to be padding out the show to fill its two hour running time?

I’m afraid to say it but we were nowhere near being competitive. I guess we need our thinking time. We finished on 33/55, which is pretty terrible. To misquote Larry Gogan, “they didn’t suit us.”  The winning team were based in Carrigaholt and they scored an unbelieveable 51/55 so congrats to them.

Here, to the best of my recollection, are the (20+) questions we got wrong. See how you do:

  1. What drink is the main ingredient in the cocktail Kir?
  2. What was invented by Percy Shaw*?
  3. What was invented by Jethro Tull*?
  4. What was invented by Jesse W. Reno?
  5. What was invented by Fick, Calt and Muller?
  6. What is the capital city of Montserrat?
  7. What is the capital city of Fiji?
  8. In what year did band leader Glen Miller die*?
  9. In what year did climber of Everest Sir Edmund Hillery die?
  10. Who scored the final point for Clare in the 1995 Munster Hurling final?
  11. Who is the deputy Mayor of Clare?
  12. With which Clare town is associated with traditional musician Mrs Crotty*?
  13. In which country was Satsuma Porcelain created?
  14. Which English county contained 11 potteries in the 18th century?
  15. Who painted the Angelus?
  16. Who painted American Gothic?
  17. “My love’s like the melody, that’s sweetly played in tune”. What song*?
  18. “The overpowering feeling that any second, you may suddenly appear”. What song?
  19. What kind of animal is a bushmaster?
  20. In the song Spancil Hill, the singer’s sweetheart was whose daughter?
  21. Who sang ’80s hit Broken Wings?

I’ve put * on the few that we actually knew the answer to but the overwhelming need to rush, rush, rush caused us to discount/not discuss them.  Also I can’t give you the 22nd one we missed as it was a piece of harp music and I’m a bit rusty on the harp these days. 🙂

Update: Answers (belatedly) are here.

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