Drivetime Sport’s Irish Soccer clips

March 30, 2009 in Quizzes

Somebody behind the scenes at Drivetime Sport on Radio One must be a quizzing fan. Perhaps it’s Des Cahill himself?  Where other shows would have one simple question and a phone number, competitions on RTÉ’s early evening show tend to engage the brain and the trivia gland.

Last week, in the buildup to the Irish football team’s two big games against Bulgaria and Italy, they ran a competition for a trip for two to the away game in Bari on Wednesday night, with flights and accommodation thrown in.

Entry was simple. Each night, from Monday to Thursday, they played the same three clips, back-to-back. All one had to do was email in the names of the players who scored immediately after the commentary was cut off.  Sort of like a ‘What happened next’ round.

Click more… to have a listen for yourself.

Audio clip:

They’re not very hard, if you’re a fan of the Irish football team.  All three goals were (shall we say) significant in the history of Irish football.

Update: see the answers here.

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