Habitat quiz Round 1: Yesterday’s news

March 14, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

habitat_for_humanityIt’s the morning after the night before and all is well with me. We had a great turnout for the Habitat for Humanity quiz in Brandon’s Bar and I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time.

Starting today, I’m going to put up a round from the quiz each day. There were 10 rounds on the night so you’d be forgiven for thinking that this will take 10 days. However, one of the rounds (Song intros) was performed live on guitar by Paddy Jordan and unfortunately we didn’t record it. Thus, there will be nine rounds on the site over the coming days.

Anyway, click “More …” to see round one, Yesterday’s News.

These are a collection of questions garnered from Friday’s Irish Times and Thursday’s Clare Champion.

  1. Name the American financier who pleaded guilty to charges of fraud in Manhattan this week?
  2. Which former Galway senior footballer was buried in Tuam on Thursday?
  3. Name the Green Party TD who stepped down as his party’s education spokesman earlier this week?
  4. Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi was sentenced to three years in jail yesterday. Who was he convicted of the attempting to assault?
  5. The Editor of Turkish magazine Science and Technology resigned this week after she was forced to remove a picture of which scientist from this month’s front cover?
  6. Murdered PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll was buried yesterday in which town?
  7. Leinster Rugby announced yesterday that which player would be leaving them at the end of the season to move to French club Toulon?
  8. A report published this week revealed that schools in Clare spent €885,000 last year renting what?
  9. Cooraclare Concertina player Rory McMahon will be performing where on St Patrick’s Day?
  10. The race is on to find a new Clare county manager as the incumbent is leaving on April 1. What’s his name?

Best of luck with them.

Update: answers here.

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