HQ Round 8: Photoshop round

March 20, 2009 in Habitat for Humanity, Quizzes

habitat_for_humanityPicture rounds can be very boring. Pictures rounds can be very samey (how many times did we see Grainne Seoige last autumn?). Picture rounds can be almost indecypherible due to crappy photocopying.

I attempted to address all these issues with this round in last week’s quiz. Firstly, the photocopying issue was taken out of play by the fact that we had our big screen in action and the pics were being shown on a loop with the round was on.  Secondly, instead of just showing you simple pictures, I hoped to get everyone to engage the brain by passing these photos through various Photoshop filters.

It worked better for some than for others! Anyway, click more… to have a look.

pic-round-webAll the best. Answers coming later.

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