Front Door: Series 3, Episode 2

April 21, 2009 in Quizzes

Actually season 4, but since we sat one out it hardly counts ;)

Actually season 4, but since we sat one out it hardly counts 😉

With John away again, it’s Mike filling in here with another guest blog.

People like to win. Leaving aside the “doing it for the craic” losers – yeah, right – we all love to win something, sometimes. Table quiz, office sweepstake, race to the elevator, whatever. If there’s a sense of superiority on the table, all the better. Call me an old romantic, but the nature of winning is almost equally important to me. As a Liverpool fan, I see both sides of the win/loss chasm on a regular basis, from lucky wins to games thrown away or lost to some cynical cheating. Now, a part of me just wants to win, no matter what, but I try to keep my baser instincts under wraps.

Which is why I’m so cheered at the thought of serious competition in this quizzing series. Sure, a nice easy run-in to the grand prize of €500 would be nice and all, but having to earn it, as it were, is doubly rewarding. Tonight was a case in point. Firstly, we started a point behind overall – you may remember that particular tale – so we’d a point to prove. We’d borrowed Michael Lang as an able sub since John was doing his husbandly duties and came up against no shortage of surprises. Firstly, the questions were good. Not just “good by the Front Door’s standards” but genuinely varied and challenging. They’d the usual hallmarks of being composed mere hours – maybe even minutes – beforehand but were a vast improvement on previous quizzes.

The rounds were:

  1. Current affairs – easy to someone who’d listened to Morning Ireland and The Last Word today, but a nightmare if you were off the grid for the last 24 hours. Missed one, but no shame in not knowing it.
  2. Movie connections – which film starred both X & Y. Missed two, the second one particularly sloppily.
  3. Current Top 40 – our worst round, did well to score even seven.
  4. Picture round – very easy stuff, double points for 5 questions like last week.
  5. Capital cities – grand stuff, some ridiculously easy, “Capital of Greece, anybody?”, one that often catches people out – the capital of Pakistan – and one that’s just plain wrong. The capital of Nigeria, formerly Lagos, has been Abuja since 1991. Good thing we couldn’t remember the latter as they were only accepting the former!
  6. Entertainment – the usual film/tv/music concoction. A third straight ten.
  7. Music intros – nearer to our generation, primarily guitar bands from the ’80s and ’90s. Easy ten.
  8. Sport, specifically sporting champions – Excellent round with a good variety of sports. Missed one though, as did our nemeses, bringing on a playoff.

To win, we’d a one question playoff, captains only. Dave was volunteered and he duly delivered, recognising another intro and using his Challenging Times skills to buzz – well, touch the stage – quicker. Same again next week, still one point behind.

Right, here are the 7 we missed:

  1. What’s Dan Brown’s new book called?
  2. What film starred both Bruce Willis and Owen Wilson?
  3. What film starred both Bruce Willis and Richard Gere?
  4. Who currently has a single called “Breathe Slow”?
  5. Who had a single called “I’m Yours”?
  6. Who had a single called “Heartless”?
  7. Who won the NBA Finals in 2008?

Update: answers here.

Further update: Last week’s guest blogger has just sent me on the picture round from this quiz.  Better late than never Mike!FD pics April 20

3 responses to Front Door: Series 3, Episode 2

  1. The Fifth one annoys me a lot, it’s on the radio all the time when I’m in the car.

    “husbandly duties”, Mike?


    Also we call it a lift in these parts mister!

  2. Oh and the picture round is on the hall table if you want to scan it in.

  3. Here’s where I saunter in and point out the ones I would have known…

    Not that many, as it turns out.

    I only know (for certain) the answer to two of them (3 and 7) and I would have a guess at 2 – was the younger one in a certain movie involving an asteroid?

    No shame in not knowing a title in the Dan Brown canon and as for those chart singles…

    Til next week!

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