Quiz Challenge: The answers …er… questions

May 25, 2009 in Competition

Seamus Darby's Offaly jerseyThe blog’s first Quiz Challenge ended on Friday evening last and I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to enter. I did my best to reply to everyone promptly with their score but, if it took a little bit longer than you expected, I’m sorry for that.

I hope everyone liked the format of the challenge. The thinking behind it was this: if I’d simply posted 10 questions, I’m sure I’d have gotten several contestants scoring 10/10. This is the era of google and all.  So, as every answer has several possible questions, this format brought a little touch of lottery to the whole thing.

And so it turned out as no-one scored higher than 7. I then had to co-opt the services of my good lady wife, who did her duty by randomly picking one of the six contestants who had reached that score. So congratulations to Pearse Ward from Dublin whose name was first out of the hat! A copy of Trivial Pursuit will shortly be winging its way to his house.

Click read more… to have a look at the actual questions.

Here are the questions as I phrased them:

  1. ANZAC Day is commemorated on April 25 each year. It marks the anniversary of which World War I campaign?
  2. Whose last minute goal won the 1982 All-Ireland Football final for Offaly and thus deprived Kerry of a 5-in-a-row?
  3. Whose debut album ‘The Fame‘ produced the No. 1 singles ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Poker Face’?
  4. Who was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics?
  5. Noel Edmonds has hosted over 1,000 episodes of which game show since it was first broadcast on October 31, 2005?
  6. Which website, launched by Mark Zuckerburg in October 2003, was originally called Facemash?
  7. Which team was defeated in the Super Bowl XLIII (February 2009)?
  8. Flight 1549, which was forced to land in the Hudson river on January 15, belonged to which airline?
  9. The Third Home Rule Bill was passed by the British Houses of Parliament in which year?
  10. Which Bell X1 song became famous after it was used as the background to a lesbian kiss in the TV series The O.C.?

So what constituted a correct question?

Well, obviously it was pure fluke if anyone phrased their questions in the exact same fashion as I had.  So I was looking for questions to be on the same theme as mine.

For example, I had said that Q.1 was a history question so anyone thinking it was “Where did the World War I battle take place?” was marked as wrong. They had submitted a geography question, basically.

With others, I was looking for certain keywords. Examples of this include mentions of Lady Gaga’s songs in Q.3, the Noble Prize in Q.4 and The O.C. in Q.10.

Finally, for the sake of interest, I can reveal that absolutely everyone got Q.2 right but, on the other end of the scale, just one solitary individual gave me the right question for Q.9. Almost everyone else thought it was “In what year did World War I start?”

Come on folks – we have standards here!

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