Ennis Tag Rugby quiz night

June 12, 2009 in Quizzes

A rugby ball, wow!Being a young (well, youngish) professional living in an urban environment without a regular sporting outlet, it’s almost inevitable that I would end up playing Tag Rugby during the summer months.

Our local tag league hosted a table quiz for charity following last night’s programme of games, with almost all teams in the league entering a team. As we obviously had nothing else to do, our team entered three teams!

The questions were mostly* well-thought-out and the standard of answering was high.  The winning team finished up on 56 out of 60**, with my own brigade in joint-third on 54. Yes, it was that tight.

You can check out the picture round and the questions that defeated us by clicking on the continue…


  1. From which song do the following lyrics come? “The girls come easy, And the drugs come cheap, We’ll all stay skinny, Cos we just won’t eat”
  2. Who won the 2009 All-Ireland U21 mens football title?
  3. Who did Bohemians FC defeat in the 2008 FAI cup final?
  4. How many points did Michael Jordan score in his 17 year NBA career?**
  5. Which river flows through Sligo town?
  6. True or False – No word in the English language rhymes with “orange”?

Picture round (in lovely photocopy-ovision):

Tag Rugby picture roundYeah, I know they’re numbered 11-20.  It didn’t make any sense at the quiz either.

Update: Answers here.

* There was a True or False round. I consider that a bit lazy really.

** The Michael Jordan quesiton was a ‘tie-breaker’, at the end of the Sport round. I’m not sure if it was used for scoring purposes.

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  1. I know Q1 (dunno how you can avoid a radio for a full year J!) and I know Q6, however I reckon you know Q6 as well which is why I assume they got the wrong answer and you couldn’t be bothered questioning it….

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