Quality All-Ireland Quiz: Answers

September 18, 2009 in All-Ireland Quiz, Quizzes

Quiz radioHere are the answers to the 10 questions I posted earlier in the Quality All-Ireland Quiz article.

I was listening to the show this morning and Ray revealed that the questions were written by the same man who did them for Blackboard Jungle (the quiz show, not the movie), back in the day. That’s kinda cute IMO. I do wonder what this fellow’s been doing in the meantime though?!


  1. Which county is sometimes known as the “Model County”? A> Wexford
  2. An ambush is the collective noun for which animal: lions, tigers or bears? A> Tigers
  3. Chemistry, Tangled Up and Out of Control are all albums by which group? A> Girls Aloud
  4. Three’s a crowd, Someone special and The perfect man and are all books by which author? A> Sheila O’Flanagan
  5. Turin is the capital city of which Italian region? A> Piedmont
  6. Minister Conor Lenihan is a TD for which constituency? A> Dublin South West
  7. Amarillo is in which US state?* A> Texas
  8. It’s fifty years since Cliff Richard had his first UK No 1. What was the name of the song? A> Living Doll
  9. Andrea Corr got married to whom, in August this year? A> Brett Desmond
  10. What age is former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern? A> 58


Quiz jeep

The Radisson was a very impressive quizzing venue.

Sligo Quiz stage

Sligo Quiz goodie bags

Sligo Quiz scoreboard

Sligo Quiz correctors

Sligo Quiz winners

So that’s that.  We had a great night, with an exciting finish, but now it’s time to start thinking about the next one. One game at a time and all that…

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  1. Is that little trophy fella supposed to be Ray Darcy? It could very easily be your good self with the addition of some facial hair.

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