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March 12, 2010 in Quizzes

Just like the League of Ireland, it seems that my quizzing season has reorientated itself.  Gone are the days when quizzes were plentiful from October to April. Now, almost three months have passed by since I last caught wind of a quiz.  These are hard times indeed.

Sheridan’s Bar, Knocknacarra, was the venue for a quiz last night whose questions were exclusively based on football.  That is, soccer, if you’re not from round here.  Quizzes on single topics can be a bit of a drag but, hey, we were just looking for our quizzing fix.

That said, it nearly slipped under the radar.  The advertising budget for the quiz must have been kept to a minimum as my Galway contacts told me they’d first seen posters on Monday evening – for a quiz scheduled that Thursday.  Furthermore, an enquiry made by telephone yesterday afternoon led to a mixup that could have been straight out of The Two Ronnies.

“Hi. I’m just calling to ask about booking a table for the quiz tonight…”

“I’m sorry sir.  There’s already a quiz taking place tonight so you cannot book the bar.”

Oh, how I’d love if such a world existed where table quizzes were so popular that bars would have double-booking issues!

Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand.  We entered the quiz three-handed as several potential team-mates were proving difficult to track down.  Hopes that we might pick up a spare quizzer were dashed by the obviously low turnout.  This was unfortunate as the quiz was in aid of Childline but, with so little advertising done, what else could have been expected?

This was a double shame as the quiz itself was quite well done.  Questions were of a good, even standard with only two or three shockingly hard (or easy) popping up throughout the 10 rounds of 10 (which included three picture rounds).

The real make-or-break round for us was #4: Irish Domestic Football.  You could feel the groans going around the room. 🙂  Our four correct answers in this round compared rather poorly with the 10/10 achieved by the eventual winners.  They were definitely a team who knew their stuff and they won at a canter, on 88/100.  For the record, we finished second on 77 points.

Here are the questions we got wrong so you can see if you’d have done any better:

  1. Which manufacturer provides the balls for this year’s English Premier League?
  2. Only two English league clubs contain the letter x in their name.  Name them.
  3. Who holds the record for the most goals scored in the League of Ireland?
  4. Which Irish club used to play at the Market’s Field?
  5. Which former Irish international made his league debut at the age of 15?
  6. With which League of Ireland club did George Best play?
  7. Name Packie Bonner’s twin brother who played for Galway United.
  8. Who is the current manager of St Patrick’s Atheltic?
  9. How many international goals has Robbie Keane scored?
  10. What was the name of Liam Brady’s last Italian club?
  11. In which decade were substitutes introduced to English league football?
  12. Which club used to play at Vetch Field?
  13. Which player holds the record as Ireland’s youngest ever senior international?
  14. Against which team did Wayne Rooney score his 100th goal for Manchester United?
  15. Which club plays at Valley Parade?
  16. Who scored the first ever hat-trick in the English Premier League?

Picture rounds

1. When they were young:

2 . Irish greats:

3. Current* Irish Internationals:

* At least one of these players has retired from football completely while another has retired from internationals so “current” isn’t really the right word.

It was an enjoyable night. Free food at the interval and even the raffle afterwards was fun.  Normally, I head for the exit before the raffle even begins but last night I stayed and, guess what, I ended up winning a prize.  I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow when I put the answers up.

Until then, good luck!

Update: here are the answers.

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  1. You didn’t get Robbie Keane’s goals? That is shocking. The rest I accept.

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