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October 30, 2010 in Quizzes, Rehab

Much debate over the scores at the Galway Rehab quiz.

It’s bumper-bonus-tonnes-o-quiz week here on the blog, as I am mid-way through three quizzes in six days. I’ll be posting a report of and some questions from quiz #2 later today.

In the meantime, here are the answers to the questions I posted yesterday in Odd ones in.

Remember, if you’d like to enter the Rehab All-Ireland Pub Quiz, there’s still plenty of time.  You can check out the list of venues and dates at this address: www.rehab.ie/foundation/pdfs/Pub-Quiz-Dates.pdf


  1. Who wrote ‘She Stoops to Conquer’? A> Oliver Goldsmith
  2. In which year did the Irish Potato Famine end? A> 1852
  3. The River Jordan flows into which sea? A> Dead Sea
  4. The city of Las Palmas can be found on which island? A> Gran Canaria
  5. CaCO3 is better known as what? A> Chalk *
  6. Question we got, but I liked: Name the last British Prime Minister who didn’t have a wife. A> Margaret Thatcher

Picture round:

  1. Brent Pope
  2. Dannii Minogue
  3. Ronnie Drew
  4. Graeme McDowell
  5. Denis O’Brien
  6. Gráinne Seoige

Yes, that’s right, it’s the return of those once-ubiquitous Seoige sisters to the picture round!

* Classic case of thinking too much. Our answer looked like this:     Lime Chalk Lime

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