They don’t do a medal for fourth, answers

November 23, 2010 in Quizzes, Rehab

Jackie Tyrell - as most of us would recognise himFollowing on from yesterday’s photographic treat, here are the answers to those questions from last Friday’s Rehab All-Ireland Quiz final.

As Mike mentioned in Sunday’s post, Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh is a host par excellance. He supervised the giving out of a spot prize at every gap between the rounds.  Nothing novel about that you’ll say but, in this case, prizes could only be claimed by knowing the answer to a question dreamt up by the man himself. He does have a talent for coming up with tiny links between questions and GAA trivia and most of the questions followed this template.  On one occasion however, he outdid himself and pretty much gave away the answer to one of the actual questions from the previous round, well before the collectors had completed their duty.

The question  (in the round) had been “In which sport does a team have to travel 2.5 metres to win?”

At the end of the round, Mícheál then offered a spot prize to the first person who could tell him who was the first man to have an All-Ireland winner’s medal and an Olympic gold medal.  “And I think it was actually for tug-of-war, funnily enough.” Cue groans from the teams that had already written said answer down. 🙂


  1. Who was the British Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer prior to George Osborne? A> Oliver Letwin
  2. Name Simon Cowell’s fianceé? A> Mezhgan Hussainy
  3. Who currently has an album out called ‘Butterfly’? A> Mariah Carey
  4. What is the official name for the clock tower containing ‘Big Ben‘? A> St. Stephen’s Tower*
  5. What is the name of the island chain whose ownership is disputed between Russia and Japan? A> Kuril
  6. What is the Ishihara Test used to detect? A> Colour blindness
  7. And a string of years to finish: What year was… the Flight of the Earls? A> 1607
  8. Ryanair founded? A> 1985
  9. … Erskine Childers elected President of Ireland? A> 1973
  10. Elton John born?  A> 1947


  1. Joe McElderry
  2. Angela Merkel
  3. Paulo Coelho**
  4. Scarlet Johansson
  5. Jackie Tyrell
  6. Ray Foley

Jackie Tyrell here provided us with an example of sheer genius from our team-mate David.  We got the other five names pretty quickly and then spent the rest of the allotted time wondering who this chap was. We decided he had the look of a sportsman, but still was no-one any of us recognised. David said he thought it might be a hurler, as the helmets they wear obviously mean that we don’t often get to see what each player looks like. With that in mind, he said, “The only person who’s ringing a bell with me is Jackie Tyrell, as he has the same kind of chin.”

The same kind of chin! Truly, “gets’ don’t come much better than that!

Well done to the Rehab staff who did such a good job of organising and hosting the event.  They even managed to run a raffle with some very tempting prizes like iPads and such like.  Alas, lady luck continued to look in the opposite direction from our table.  Hopefully, we’ll get to go back and improve our position next year.

* This was the answer they were looking for.  However, according to that wikipedia article, it’s actually just called the “Clock Tower” and St Stephen’s Tower is a completely different part of the building.

* Doesn’t he look a lot like Peter Gabriel?!

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