Two out of two

November 10, 2010 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

One week on from my discovery of the weekly quiz in Gilligan’s Pub, Claremorris, I headed back to see if my first visit had been a happy fluke.

I was on my own this week as my usual buddies were all otherwise occupied.  It’s a benefit of the random draw method of team selection at this event that you can turn up solo and not feel like Johnny-no-mates. So I paid my €3 entry fee and got assigned to a team.

The turnout must have been down on the previous week as teams were made up of just three people. I got John, a local chap who unashamedly watches soap operas (i.e. a very useful man to have on a team) and Aiden, a retired gentleman from Dunmore.  Aiden may have an intriguing back story but, alas, we didn’t get to go into it too deeply.  He did reveal to us that he got 97% in Ancient Greek when he did the Leaving Cert. Such an achievement commands respect!

He also earned our respect by instantly knowing the answers to some seriously obscure questions. The two highlights for me were:

  • How many counties border Tipperary?” As I proceeded to count imaginary places in the air, he called a halt: “It’s eight. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that one before.”
  • What is the world’s most common disease?” This one had me stumped. I didn’t even know where to begin. Is Influenza a ‘disease’ etc? He paused and said “I can’t remember the Latin term for it but I’m sure it’s Tooth Decay.” Tooth decay?! Well, it was better than putting down a blank answer… Myself and the other John let out quite the whoop when we discovered he was right. 🙂

Unfortunately, he did have a weakness: politics. “It leaves me cold”, he said, before admitting he just about knew the name of the Taoiseach.  Typically, we then received three questions on members of the Dáil, only one of which I was able to get (see below for the other two).

At the end of the night we finished on 87/100, three points ahead of the team in second – the incorrectly named “Winners”!  Yet again the quiz was made up of eight rounds of 11 and a picture round of 12. If this is a tradition in this particular establishment, perhaps they ought to start handing out answer sheets with more than 10 spaces on them!

Here are the questions we missed:

  1. What is the capital of the US State of Montana?
  2. Who is the Minister for Social Protection?
  3. Name the three judges on the Irish version of The Apprentice.
  4. Name the two female TDs who represent constituencies in Cork.
  5. What is Ireland’s tidiest town, 2010?
  6. Which Irish actor appeared in Fawlty Towers?
  7. What do the letters DNA stand for?
  8. What is the technical name for the white portion of the human eye?
  9. Which horse won the 2010 Aintree Grand National?
  10. Con Murphy and Ann Cassin present what television show?
  11. Which journalist replaced Charlie Bird as RTÉ’s American correspondent?

Picture round:

Update: get your answers (and some terrible eye-based puns) here.

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