Wedding (Singer) answers

January 7, 2011 in Quizzes

So here we go, the answers to yesterday’s 1980s themed questions, as asked at my friend’s wedding.

Obviously, how well (or otherwise) you did in these will give away your age!

In our case, I’m pleased to report that we didn’t let the good name of MacGyver down. We scored 19/20, which was good enough for us to be declared joint-winners with the law-abiding citizens of the Hill Street Blues table. Both tables received a free bottle of Prosecco to celebrate their tremendous knowledge. 🙂


  1. On the A-Team, what does Hannibal say during every episode? A> “I love it when a plan comes together”
  2. What was Kevin’s girlfriend’s name in The Wonder Years? A> Winnie Cooper
  3. What do the letters stand for in M*A*S*H? A> Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
  4. What was the theme tune from The Greatest American Hero called? A> ‘Believe it or not’*
  5. The actor who played Koyak was godfather to which famous actress? A> Jennifer Aniston
  6. What was the full name of Magnum’s estate manager in Magnum P.I.? A> Jonathan Higgins
  7. Which actor played Doogie Howser, MD? A> Neil Patrick Harris
  8. What planet did ALF hail from? A> Melmac
  9. The actor from question 7 above has recently appeared in which TV series? A> Glee or How I met your mother
  10. In Fraggle Rock, what was the name of the dog who knew about the Fraggles? A> Sprocket
  11. Who played Wonder Woman? A> Lynda Carter
  12. What was the surname of the family in The Cosby Show? A> Huxtable
  13. What business featured in Falcon Crest? A> Wine/Vinyard
  14. Which Foundation did MacGyver work for? A> Phoenix
  15. Which actor played Michael Knight on Knight Rider? A> David Hasselhof
  16. What were Cagney and Lacey’s first names?A> Christine and Mary-Beth

Man, I’m getting old.  This sort of thing will soon sound, to my daughter, as my father’s stories about the ’60s did to me. Oh well.

* Correctly, this is called ‘Theme from Greatest American Hero’ but it would have been a tough sell to get a point for that!

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