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February 8, 2011 in Housekeeping, Quizzes

Sometimes, my memory isn’t quite what you’d expect the memory of a person who writes about quizzes to be.

Case in point, yesterday I added the 12 questions that had accompanied the Independent article in the paper to the bottom of my post about the same article.

Today, I completely forgot to post the answers to the questions (until now, that is)!  Sorry if you were waiting on them.


  1. How many All Ireland senior hurling titles has Tipperary won? A> 26
  2. Which car brand has a logo featuring a snake? A> Alfa Romeo
  3. What is the second longest river in Ireland? A> Barrow
  4. Which Booker Prize-winning author writes crime fiction under the pen-name Benjamin Black? A> John Banville
  5. What is the name of R.E.M.’s debut album? A> Murmur
  6. In what year did Ireland first win rugby’s Grand Slam? A> 1948
  7. Which actress plays the part of JoJo in RTE’s restaurant-set drama,Raw? A> Charlene McKenna
  8. Who was the last British monarch to hold the title of King of Ireland? A> George VI
  9. In what year did Ireland’s ‘Moving Statues’ phenomenon happen? A> 1985
  10. Who was the first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Director? A> Kathryn Bigelow
  11. What is the name of the model who came to national prominence thanks to her role as The Bridesmaid in Rubberbandits’ video Horse Outside? A> Madeline Mulqueen
  12. Who composed the original theme music for The Late Late Show? A> Chris Andrews

How did you do?

  • 10-12 Quiz Whiz
  • 7-9 Drinking but thinking
  • 4-6 Average head on you
  • 0-4 Sloppy

For the record, I only managed to get six of these.  So it’s average territory for me. 🙁

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