A night in the Park: answers

April 27, 2011 in Quizzes

Who's the boss in French politics? François Fillon or Alain Juppé.

Here are the answers for the questions posted yesterday.  As I explained, some questions had several answers before we got to the right one.  In one case, alas, the correct answer was never found, leaving those of us who had submitted it at a disadvantage.

The second question of the night was: “Who is the Prime Minister of France?”. This was quite a hard one for so early in the quiz, I thought.  Well, it turned out to be a mistake as the answer given was Nikolas Sarkozy. I doubt I need to tell you that M. Sarkozy is the President of France and, as a matter of fact, has never served as Prime Minister.  The disagreement expressed by the contestants led the quiz master into a hasty retreat.  Literally – he walked back to the correcting table!

After a brief discussion he came back to the mic and announced that the answer was actually Alain Juppé and the three teams in the room who’d answered thus would be getting a point.  This surprised Ger on our team who, after much mental effort during the round, had come up with the name François Fillon.  However, he wasn’t 100% sure about it and, presuming that the correct answer had actually been frantically looked up, let it pass.

The following morning he went to the trouble of finding out and, sure enough, M. Fillon is the Prime Minister of France.  Alain Juppé was Prime Minister once – between 1995 and 1997! That said, he is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Perhaps, not having the ability to look up the answer, the correctors simply totted up which one (other than Sarkozy!) was given by most teams and presumed that was right?

Thankfully, in the case of my team, it didn’t matter.  We ended up winning by three points.  I drew the short straw and had to do the victory walk to the top table.  This turned out to be even more awkward than usual though as, when I got there, they had nothing for me.  “We’ll settle up with ye out at reception” I was told.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you we were duped.

However, what we did eventually receive was four €50 vouchers for a stay at the hotel mentioned in yesterday’s post.  So a “weekend away” for the “winning team” meant, in this case, a single weekend away to be used by one or two members of the team. Nice use of the English language there! Still, it’s better than a kick in the backside, isn’t it? * 🙂


  1. Who is Prime Minister of France? A> François Fillon
  2. Name the four dioceses that cover County Mayo. A> Killala, Tuam, Galway and Achonry
  3. What is the Capital of Malaysia? A> Kuala Lumpur §
  4. Who was the bungling Police character created in the early films of director Mack Sennet? A> The Keystone Kops §§
  5. What unpopular short word derives from the Latin for poison or slime? A> Virus
  6. In Russia, Shigula and Zil are types of what? A> Cars
  7. Which planet is named after a god who, amongst other things, was responsible for commerce and dreams? A> Mercury
  8. Which famous movie couple had a child named Bonnie Blue? A> Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara


  1. Going round in circles
  2. Toucan
  3. Belly-up
  4. Just between you and me
  5. Count Dracula
  6. Pay through the nose
  7. See-through blouse
  8. They parted company
  9. Leftovers
  10. Growing pains


  1. Ed Miliband
  2. Natalie Portman
  3. Christy Cooney
  4. Anne Marie Hamill
  5. Matthew Elderfield
  6. Jennifer Maguire
  7. Donncha O’Callaghan
  8. Julie Feeney
  9. Charlene Wittstock
  10. Shakira

For the record, the ones in the picture round I couldn’t get were 4, 6 and 8. When the answers were revealed I only felt annoyed about failing to recognise 8.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks.

* We were informed afterwards that these could actually be used at any of the hotels in the chain, and also for meals instead of accommodation if desired.  So I may just head back to Kiltimagh for dinner some night.

§ As Dave predicted in the comments yesterday, the quiz master announced Singapore as the answer to this question.

§§ The problem here was the phrasing of the question.  We discounted the Keystone Kops in our discussion as the question (even on a repeat hearing) was in the singular. Judging by the groan which went through the room, I’d guess several other teams fell into the same ‘trap’.

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  1. Check out a ZiL 112S (picture can be found on Wikipedia)…so weird its kinda cool!

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