The dreaded countback: answers

April 21, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Below you can find the answers to post sets of questions posted yesterday in The dreaded countback.

No-one likes being defeated in a playoff but losing by countback is even worse. For me, it makes those post mortem discussions about the ones you got wrong in the regular quiz all the worse.  You’ve seen the 14 questions we got wrong.  If we’d managed to get just a single one of them right, we’d have avoided the playoff and won by a point.

Once upon a time, I was on a team that lost out on €5,000 on countback. That was even more cruel as (a) the organisers didn’t even bother with any form of tie-breaker that night and (b) we tied with the other team on the same amount of 10s so it went down to who had the most 9s! I’ll tell you all about it someday.

Tie-break answers:

  1. In the world of cycling, what is a Mamil? (As it turned out, this should be written MAMIL) A> “Middle-aged man in Lycra”
  2. Which team are the current Heineken Cup champions? A> Stade Toulousain (Toulouse)
  3. Which two European capital cities are closest to one another? A> Vienna and Bratislava
  4. Claremorris native Lucinda Creighton is the Minister of State for what portfolio? A> European Affairs
  5. In journalistic short-hand, what does the term “manne” signify? A> “In the morning”

For the record, the two we got right were #2 and #4. I was half-way there with #3 but unfortunately went for Prague and Bratislava.

Regular quiz answers:

  1. The languages of the Balkan belong to what language family? A> Slavic
  2. Who is the Chairman of Mayo County Council? A> Michael Burke
  3. In Ireland, criminal cases are announced as “The State versus…” but how are they announced in the British system? A> “The Crown versus…”
  4. Rathlin Island, off the coast of Antrim, is served by a ferry from which town on the mainland? A> Ballycastle
  5. Which river, which passes through the town of Shrule, also forms some of the Mayo-Galway border? A> Black
  6. The name of which dance comes from the Portuguese term meaning “the crack of the whip”? A> Lambada
  7. What colour are the houses in a game of Monopoly? A> Green
  8. What are the distances covered in the three parts of an Olympic triathlon? A> 1.5km swim, 40km cycle and 10km run
  9. A vexillologist amuses him/herself with the study of what? A> Flags *
  10. Which metal is the most abundant in the Earth’s crust? A> Iron
  11. What is the English translation of the Irish name “Críochfort a Dó”? A> Terminal 2 (Dublin Airport)
  12. Going by alcohol level, which is the most expensive: whiskey, wine or beer? A> Beer **
  13. Which is Ireland’s most landlocked county? A> Laois
  14. The left-hand page in a book is known as the “verso”.  What is the right-hand page called? A> Recto
  15. The term “ombudsman” originated in which Scandinavian country? A> Sweden
  16. On what street is the new Central Criminal Court located? A> Parkgate Street

That list definitely contains a few we should have answered better.

No quiz in Gilligan’s next week, due to Easter.  Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find something to post. 😉

* Credit where it’s due, my team-mate Angela actually said the right answer for this one.  Unfortunately, myself and Tom (my team-mate for the third week in a row) both took the word “amuses” in the question to be a clue and came up with “jokes” as an answer. Let this be a lesson to us all.

** I’m sure there are some very expensive wines in the world. Aren’t there?

5 responses to The dreaded countback: answers

  1. Iron is wrong-its aluminium

  2. Dave beat me to it. Aluminium is the answer as far as I knew it.

    Did you really get the colour of houses in Monopoly wrong or is this one of the weekly questions you have been putting in to make us remedial quizophiles feel better.

    • Regarding Iron v Aluminium, I have no knowledge. That was the answer given. I had done a bit of a left-wInger and put down Calcium.

      I thought the things in Monopoly are red. Am I mad? Are there even red counters in the game?

  3. Yeah, hotels are red. But you are still mad.

  4. Believe it or not, I heard MAMIL(s) being referenced in a radio ad during the weekend. Mr Brennan and his mate (do we ever find out his name?) mention them while discussing gyms and fitness (and, of course, bread).

    I’m sure it’s not a new ad so it’s a case of: If only I’d noticed it last week…

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