And so the end is near: answers

May 30, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Good morning all.  I know I said at the end of my most recent post that the answers would arrive “tomorrow morning” but, sometimes, life gets in the way of blogging.

You see, the reason I knew on Thursday last that I would have to post up the answers on Friday morning or else they wouldn’t be up for days is that my brother got married last Friday afternoon.  We had a great time, thanks for asking.  However, the day ended up being so busy that I simply didn’t have time to get to a computer.

Mind you, I did manage to squeeze in my weekly show on Claremorris Community Radio so the Friday Five Trivia are present and correct.  Albeit, they were posted on a Monday!

Check them out here:


  1. In the Old Testament, Noah’s Ark was made out of what wood? A> Gopher wood
  2. What is the female lead in an opera called? A> Prima Donna
  3. What was invented by Sir James Dewer? A> Vacuum (Thermos) Flask
  4. What is the name of Barack Obama’s eight cousin, who the US President met in Moneygall this week? A> Henry Healy
  5. Which author created the character of Philip Marlowe? A> Raymond Chandler
  6. On which Japanese island is Tokyo located? A> Honshu
  7. What is the world’s most southerly capital city? A> Wellington
  8. Funchal is the capital city of which European island? A> Madeira
  9. How many MLAs are elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly? A> 108
  10. What is the chief ingredient of Mock Turtle soup? A> A calf’s head
  11. What does a mycologist study? A> Fungi
  12. What part of the body is affected by quincey? A> Throat
  13. What is the name of the training of horses to obedience? A> Dressage
  14. Which team won the Division 2 National Football League earlier this month? A> Donegal

Okey doke.  Hope you did alright in those.

Lots of exciting stuff happening this week!  I’ll be back mid-week to tell you all about it.

And that’s a promise…

2 responses to And so the end is near: answers

  1. You’re lucky you did such a good job as best man!!
    thanks for the answers- been waiting for them!! :-p

    It was lovely to meet you on Friday after hearing so much about you, and following the blog!!

    • Thanks for the nice message!

      Sorry I didn’t get a chance to have a good chat with you. The day just flew by, tbh. 🙂

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