When we were young

May 11, 2011 in Movies, Quizzes

Kelly’s Bar in Galway hosted its third Movie Quiz on Monday night.  We may have won the first quiz, two months back, but we felt as if we were well off the pace last time out, when we eventually won a playoff to finish third.  Could we up our game this week?

Well, yes (slightly).  We ended up in another playoff – this time for second place.  Mikey once again strode forth as our champion in this joust. Once again, I don’t think I’m doing him down to say it was quite an easy playoff.  Following on from identifying the whistled melody from The Bridge On The River Kwai, which he got in about 0.5 of a second last month, this time were told it would be a snippet of dialogue from a movie.  The bar held its breath (collectively). The audio file struck up and we heard:

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes…”

And that was as far as it got before Mike put his hand in the air. Perhaps it’s because I’m the age I am but isn’t that a bit of a gimme?* Then again, I guess it wasn’t for Mike’s opponent in the playoff.

Congrats to the winners ‘Tango versus Cash: This time it’s personal’. That’s two months in a row they’ve won now. They were two points ahead of us at half-time and finished with the same margin of victory.  Well done there.

Here are the questions we missed:

  1. Which Irish actor plays Bono in the recent movie Killing Bono?
  2. Identify the movie: “A public relations executive meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman.  They eventually marry but their love is insufficient to prevent them from a downward spiral into alcoholism. For the sake of their daughter, he eventually breaks free from his addiction but his wife does not.”
  3. Identify the movie: “A blue collar cynic, after being hypnotised to open his mind, starts to have visions of a young girl. He comes to believe that he is seeing a local girl who has been missing for six months and that his son is having the same visions.”
  4. Walter Matthau won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in which comedy masterpiece?
  5. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have appeared together in three movies. Name them.**
  6. Only three films have ever won the ‘Big Five’ Oscars: Film, Director, Screenplay, Actor and Actress.  Name them.**

Picture round*** – Young Film Stars:

I am running short of time right now so I can’t put up an audio round.  However, I have the tunes noted down so maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

In the meantime, best of luck with those questions!

* Don’t worry if you don’t know it, I will reveal the name of this film tomorrow.

** The token ‘We actually got these ones’.

*** There were 10, but these are all I can remember.  Of the eight above, we got three. 🙁

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