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June 16, 2011 in Movies, Quizzes

One of the beauties of table quizzing is that it’s rare you feel you are the cause of your team’s defeat.  However, on Monday last, that unfortunate “honour” landed on my shoulders.

We have become the ‘playoff’ team as, apart from the first movie quiz three months ago, we’ve always been involved in a tie-breaker for some position or another.  Three months ago we won the opening quiz but, since then, it’s been a playoff for third, a playoff for second and, this month, a playoff for third once more.

Mike is our star man when it comes to movies and it had been only right that he was our nominee for those previous playoffs.  However, on Monday night, perhaps lacking the motivation to compete for a slab of beer (which we found difficult to give away, when we won it a few months back), he deferred.  Consensus was that I should be the man to approach the stage…

There I met Luke, the other team’s representative.  He looked about as up for this as I did – and I don’t even drink beer.  “OK,” Dave the quizmaster told us, “we’re going to play another piece of music.  The winner is the person who identifies it first.”

On came the music. After about 10 seconds I looked at my opponent.  He shrugged his shoulders, indicating that I wasn’t the only one who HADN’T A CLUE what it was. “Alright,” says Dave, “let’s try another one.”

After another 10 seconds, myself and Luke had become impromptu comrades in this crucible of embarrassment.  This second tune was (apparently) much easier as people in the crowd were now hurling invective in our general direction.  Invective which said ‘Ah come on. This one’s EASY…”  Still, Luke and I just stood there.

David on the mic was getting a bit impatient. “I’m going to run out of questions soon!” he told us.

His third attempt at settling the issue was to dispense with the music.  “The winner is the first person to name the five members of The Usual Suspects.”

“Do you mean the actors?” I asked, hopefully.

“No, the characters. Go on.”

“Not a chance!” Luke informed him.

At this point, David decided it was time for an “open goal” solution.  He told us he’d play an audio clip of some movie dialogue.

Finally, we knew it! Unfortunately for me, Luke got this laimhe suas about 0.2 of a second before me and his team got to take home the slab of beer.

Here are the audio files from the tie-break:

[soundcloud url=]

So, how had we got into that situation?  Well, at half time we were in joint-fourth, on 35/40.  This put us three behind the leaders, ‘Things to do in John Denver when you’re dead’ *.  We obviously matched them in the second half of the quiz as our final score of 70/80 was still three behind their’s.  However, we had obviously gained on someone, as we were no longer in fourth.  The rest you know.

All the now usual rounds were included.  Photoshopped posters, actors in their youth, film scores and dialogue.  This month also featured a round reminiscent of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where you had to identify the movie based on the actors who were on the cast.

To compound my own sense of failure, I felt as if I was liable for two of our dropped points in the first round as I suggested (close but) not right answers for the Life of Brian and Gladiator questions.  Worse, I was confident about them. 🙁

This is now turning into a giant blog post so I’m going to move things along.

Here are the questions we missed:

  1. In Monty Python’s Life of Brian, what covert organisation does Brian Cohen join?
  2. What is the full name of Russell Crowe’s character in Gladiator?
  3. Which film links Meg Ryan, Ian McKellen, Sam Neill and Robert Downey Jr.?
  4. In The Goonies, whose treasure were the children searching for?
  5. Of all the movies Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon did together, only in one are they never on the screen together.  Which one?
  6. What is the name of the fictional country from which Tom Hank’s character in The Terminal hails? **

Film scores:

[soundcloud url=]

That’s it for now.  I have more to tell you – but it’ll have to wait until the answer post tomorrow.

Until then.

Update: answers here.

* A great name but not the best on the night. I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

** This question lifted my mood slightly as I was the one who provided the answer.  It was a total guess.  Don’t ask me where it came from as I haven’t seen The Terminal! The mind is a funny thing…

4 responses to Back to the front

  1. Even though we finished way behind you, the ones ye missed are a list of ones we actually got (bar the Kevin Bacon style question) It depends on how they fall for you I guess!

  2. Bob said on June 16, 2011

    How did you find it hard to give the beer away? And why didn’t you just keep it for my next visit?

  3. You’re too hard on yourself! I was just as confident about Black Bart. None of the rest of us had a notion of the playoff answers.

  4. – Whatever happened to the Popular Front?
    – He’s over there!
    – …..Splitter!

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