Deep in the rough

September 24, 2011 in Quizzes

Last year I took part in a very enjoyable quiz at Ballyhaunis Golf Club so I was quite excited to hear that the same club were hosting another event this year.  Confusingly though, it was taking place in Ballinlough – which is a completely different town, in case the different names didn’t already make that clear. 🙂

Things started going wrong, however, when Ger arrived with too many team-mates!  There’d been a bit of a miscommunication earlier in the week when I took the heretofore unheard-of step of sourcing potential quizzers for our table.  We actually had seven people mooted for the team at one point and I stated that, if we had one more, we could have two tables.  However, we went our separate ways then and, while I informed folks that we wouldn’t need their services, Ger went off and found that “extra” team-mate!

So we had five people. I got on the phone and called in my father-in-law, who I knew was keen to take part. He arrived and we let the organisers know that we’d be hoping to find two other folks to make up a team.  Fairly promptly we were sorted out. Joe and Rita, a nice couple from ‘out the road’ had come in to the quiz on the off-chance that they could get on a team. As Ger had brought a car-load of family members, he stuck with them and myself and the father-in-law teamed up with the locals.

The quiz featured seven rounds of questions and these were all very good.  It also featured dingbats, a picture round and a code-breaker type round. More of these anon, as they were all challenging – in different ways.

This quiz started later than any I’ve attended outside of Gilligan’s.  It was slated for 9.30pm (which was probably a bad sign) and eventually kicked-off at 10.40. While the quiz master, Willie, did try and push things along with the questions, the quiz dragged as there weren’t really enough helpers.  Two ladies were correcting the answer sheets and, as he was reading the questions quite quickly, Willie would finish a round off before they had finished correcting the sheets from the previous round.  So the man himself would have to get down off the stage and collect the sheets.  Add in tables asking for “one more minute” as he approached and you can guess who much this slowed things down.

Here are the questions we missed at my table:

  1. What is the world’s largest desert? *
  2. What sea does the Volga flow into?
  3. What country is the world’s largest producer of tin?
  4. What is the world’s largest ocean, by area?
  5. Which US state is the ‘Volunteer State’?
  6. How many keys are there on a standard upright piano?
  7. Which fictional town was the setting for many of Brian Friel’s plays?
  8. What is the birth stone for May? **
  9. What Irish symbol does Patsy Kensit have tattooed on her ankle?
  10. What is the lowest female singing voice?
  11. What is alurophobia?
  12. In which country did the kilt originate?
  13. Who was the most googled person in 2009?
  14. What do you call the dot on the lower case i and j? ***

Code breaker (decypher these):

  1. The 7 W of the W
  2. S W and the S D
  3. 5 P for a T in R U
  4. 206 B in the H B
  5. 225 S on a S B
  6. 12 D in a G
  7. 24 H in a D
  8. 16 O in a P
  9. 168 H in a W
  10. 64 S on a C B


Picture round (click to enlarge):

I hate using the word ‘worst’.  It seems over-the-top.  That said, in terms of photocopying, this is probably the worst picture round I’ve ever seen.  What you see above is the result of me boosting the contrast in Photoshop before uploading it to the page.  Do your best!

At the end of the night (about 1am) my table finished third on 82, two points behind ‘the family Ger’.  The winners scored 89 which they achieved on the back of an excellent 50/50 in the second half of the quiz.  Considering the fact that the pictures were round nine, it was either a table of genius or some very lucky quizzers!

Update: answers here.


* Democracy doesn’t work! I had the right answer to this written down on the sheet before all three of my team mates countermanded me in favour of a different answer.

** Birth stones!? Where do these even come from? Who decided them? I’m almost certain they were never mentioned at quizzes 10 years ago.

*** Our team-mate Joe knew this one. Fair play to him! I’m only including it here because it’s a cool fact to know for again.

2 responses to Deep in the rough

  1. Ya, I’m a bit p***ed at the miraculous 50/50 by the table who were, ahem, [redacted]! Aaaarrgh!

    On a winning team in Newtowncashel last Friday night, some qs we missed…
    How many stars on the Kiwis’ flag?
    Who was the first presenter of Robot Wars?
    What is the largest oil-producing state in the US?
    Who were the Russian winners of Eurovision in 2003?
    Where is Stella Artois made?

  2. Sorry Ger, my legal advisors recommended I doctor your comment a little. 🙁

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