Found and lost

September 11, 2011 in Podcast, Quizzes

If you’re not in, you can’t win. So goes the old maxim. My team very nearly proved this truism on Friday night as we got lost on the way to a quiz! However, luckily (for the blog’s post count, if nothing else) our path crossed with that of a local farmer, who helpfully pointed us in the direction of Turlough, Co Mayo.

In a first for the blog, I managed to capture some of our manic chase to reach the quiz in an Audioboo (that’s “podcast” for recent arrivals to this site) and you can check it out for yourself right here:

When we did arrive at the Turlough Inn, we found probably the most packed quiz I’ve ever taken part in.  26 tables were crammed in to a pretty small Irish pub.  How packed in? Well, the route to the toilets from our table involved a journey out one door and back in another.  It was handier than having to say “Excuse me…” about 20 times!

Mind you, we were in the most remote part of the bar.  ‘Remote’ here meaning furthest away from both the quizmaster and the aforementioned toilets. We found it very hard to hear the quizmaster; the amplification just wasn’t up to the job of getting the better of such a large crowd. Not that I’m saying we couldn’t hear the questions – everyone hushed at those points.  We did have rounds sneak up on us though as the hush would arrive like an aural Mexican wave out of the blue as, in our part of the bar, we presumably didn’t (actually couldn’t) hear the quizmaster announce the start of the round.

The questions were, from a difficulty point of view, all over the place.  There were some very hard ones, of course, but many of the others must have come from the primary school curriculum.  Examples of the (many, many) ridiculously easy ones include:

  • How many people sit on a jury?
  • What type of animal is a beagle?
  • What’s bigger: a hurricane or a tornado?

I’d tell you more only, as my team-mate Marie said afterwards, “It’s hard to remember questions you didn’t have to think about.”

So, did we win? No, I’m afraid not.  In fact, we finished fourth.  I think the softness of 70% of the questions lowered our focus and we missed some we shouldn’t have.  At least twice we had a correct answer down on the sheet, only to scratch it off and write down something else.  I also missed one question I’ve known the answer to since first year in secondary school.  I’ll tell you what it was tomorrow.

Here are the questions we missed:

  1. What was the first ever gold medal awarded for in the modern Olympics: Triple-Jump or Marathon?
  2. Which US state has the lowest population?
  3. Which capital city is the highest (in terms of altitude)?
  4. What is 03?
  5. Who invented the mercury thermometer?
  6. How many hurdles do athletes jump in the 110m Hurdles?
  7. What is the surname of this year’s Rose of Tralee?
  8. Which Co Kerry town holds a Charlie Chaplin festival?
  9. What was the first non-human to win an Oscar?
  10. True or false: Seagulls can drink sea water?

Picture round (click to enlarge):

Other rounds

This quiz featured three hand-outs, only one of which was the picture round.  The other two were Acronyms and Famous Dates. I’m just going to reproduce them here.


  1. G.A.A.
  2. F.A.I.
  3. G.M.T.
  4. D.O.B.
  5. B.M.I.
  6. R.D.A.
  7. F.A.Q.
  8. F.C.A.
  9. O.E.C.D.
  10. E.S.R.I.

Famous dates:

  1. Year of the Spanish Armada
  2. … ‘Races of Castlebar’
  3. … Battle of Aughrim
  4. … Hungarian Revolt
  5. … first man on the Moon
  6. … end of the Irish Civil War
  7. … sinking of the Titanic
  8. … sinking of the Lusitania*
  9. … assassination of John F. Kennedy
  10. … end of the First World War

The dates round sheet also included 13 possible answers but I’m not going to insult ye with those! 😉

Update: answers here.

* This was spelt “Luisantania” on the handout but we knew what they meant…

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  1. As opposed, of course, to Turlock, CA.

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