The war on movies 2: Answers

September 16, 2011 in Movies, Quizzes

Following on from yesterday’s The war on movies, here’s the sequel – now with added answers.

Lost on the cutting room floor from the original post was the news that we actually won the quiz! Whilst we were an amazing eight points clear of second place, there was a bit of confusion surrounding third prize.

The quizmaster announced that they had a result but a play-off was in the works.  Two teams were in “joint third” and they needed to play off.  They did and, a slight controversy over the original name of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope aside *, one of these teams defeated the other.  Well done, here’s third prize.

Except, this play-off was immediately followed up by another play-off, this time featuring the two teams who were tied in “joint second”. The team that lost this one were a bit confused afterwards.  Shouldn’t they be getting third prize, they no doubt wondered.  To be fair to the organisers, this was resolved quite quickly and they were given some Star Wars merchandise – in honour of the ‘second-and-a-half’ place they’d just finished in…

Questions we missed:

  1. In the recent film The Inbetweeners Movie, the protagonists holiday in which resort? A> Malia
  2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays which character in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises? A> Det. John Blake
  3. David Prowse, the man who played Darth Vader, was famous in the UK for what role? A> The Green Cross Code man
  4. What film links Mark Hamill, Lee Marvin and David Carradene? A> The Big Red One
  5. In Terminator 2: Judgement Day, in what year does judgement day take place? A> 1997
  6. Which actress, director and screenwriter appeared in The Phantom Menace as one of Queen Amidala’s hand-maidens? A> Sofia Coppola
  7. Which Star Wars actor last year released a heavy metal concept album? A> Christopher Lee
  8. Who composed the soundtrack to the movie The Thing? A> Ennio Morricone


  1. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Mark Hamill)
  2. Darkman (Liam Neeson)

We got Darkman, mainly though a team discussion that started with “That looks a bit like Liam Neeson….” and ended with Mike decided that, if it is Liam Neeson, then the only film that makes sense… is Darkman.

That’s all folks!

* ‘The adventures of Luke Starkiller’ was the answer given by the contestant.  The quiz master actually wanted ‘Blue Harvest’.  The crowd cried foul, the organisers backed down and asked a different question. **

** The answer to this playoff question was: Keira Knightly.  I’ll let you work it out for yourselves.

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  1. So they had Darth Vader, while we had Fr. Jack? I still think the Safe Cross Code was better.

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