Wax on, wax off

September 7, 2011 in Quizzes

My 100% start to the new table quiz season is over.  In truth, it only lasted 24 hours. On Friday night last myself, Ger, Breda and Ger’s sister Marie took part in the Karate Club quiz in Kiltimagh – where we lost by a point.

Now, regular readers to the blog will know that there’s nothing I hate more than losing by a point. It makes the after-quiz post mortems all the more depressing as you’re always looking out for the one that got away: the point that could have saved you from defeat and at least got you into a playoff.  That said, by my count we actually had 87 points (the winning score) but the scorers’ table obviously didn’t agree.  If the top prize had been anything other than four bottles of wine I may have gone up for a chat!

The quiz itself was very good in places but also very annoying in others. At one point the quizmaster told us “don’t blame me, I didn’t write them!” but later on, when the (excellent) flags round was presented, he said “anyone who’s been at one of my quizzes before will know that I love this kind of thing…” So did he create the questions or didn’t he? Was there a co-operative in use here?!

We were also asked if it was true or false that, at the proprietor’s upcoming birthday (next week), he would be 45 years of age. “Where is he?” someone asked.

“Stand up John, the out-of-towners want to get a look at you.”

Where was he? He was at table 4! Just what you want to hear, a question about someone who’s taking part in the quiz

We guessed false and it turned out we were right. Alas, we did manage to get four of that round wrong which, given they were all 50/50 shots, was a bit of a disaster. That’s why we didn’t win this quiz.

Questions missed:

  1. True or false: Mayo has the longest coastline of any Irish county.
  2. T/F: The word “kylie” means boomerang in Aborigine.
  3. T/F: The word “karate” means “open hand”.
  4. T/F: A baby seal is called a calf.
  5. How many players are on an Ice Hockey team?
  6. Apart from Ireland, St. Patrick is the patron saint of which country?
  7. What is added to wine to make port?
  8. What is the first name of the hero in Kenny Rogers’ song The Coward of the County?
  9. What is the surname of Kevin, the hero in the movie Home Alone?
  10. What is the collective noun for a group of flying bats?

Picture rounds:

This quiz featured three picture rounds which was great. I was a bit huffy about no.9 in the round 5, believing that it was a bit much that they wanted us to name this specific twin sister (they did), especially from a black-and-white picture. However, I’ve since looked them up and found out that they do have slightly different hairstyles. So, I guess that’s fair enough. It was just another 50/50 question – and we got it wrong. 🙁

Round 3 *, Nicknames:

Round 5, ‘Regular’:

Round 8, Nationalities (Match 9 people to flags and then identify the remaining person):

Giggle of the night came when we were asked to give Colonel Gaddafi/Gathafi’s “christian” name. Wherever he’s hiding right now, I’m sure that’s not what he calls it!

Update: answers here.

* Yes, I know it says “Round 2” on the sheet. Plans must have changed…

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  1. Incase you come across it again.. I wouldn’t go by hairstyles but Selma has “S” shaped earrings – Patty has triangles

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