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October 6, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

The week is but halfway through and already I have done two quizzes.  Whilst one was in Galway (and featured movies, some music and more movies) and the other was in Claremorris (and featured our return to Gilligan’s Bar), they had some striking similarities.

None more obvious than the fact that, in both of them, my team were in a leading position at the start of the final round before throwing it all away.  Of course, nemesis rounds do happen from time to time but they seem particularly cruel when they occur in round 10*.

As a post on the movie quiz will require some work (stills and audio clips etc), I’m going to take the easy way out and report on these in reverse order.  Thus, let’s start with the opening evening of this year’s Gilligan’s Tuesday quiz night.

I’ll begin at the end.  Having been leading at half-time by two points, my table (myself, another John and a nice man called Seamus) carried on our good form through the second half.  Nothing phemomenal, just a successions of 8s and 9s.  However, the last round turned out to be a total bust.  We scored a shocking 3/12!  We all knew that our only hope of hanging on was for everyone else to have struggled as we did.  It wasn’t that surprising when the scores were called out and we were in joint-third.

I popped up to check the scoresheet afterwards.  We’d been leading by two points going into that last round (from Ger’s team, as it happens).  We scored 3, they got 5 – hence the tie for third.  However, two teams shot past us with brilliant 10- and 9-pointers.

A 2-point lead transformed into a 4-point defeat. 🙁

There was no picture round so here are the questions we missed:

  1. What is the highest rank in the British Army?
  2. What do the letters CT stand for in a CT scan?
  3. In which town were the Clancy brothers brought up?
  4. Iliana Mironoff is the birth name of which famous actress?
  5. Which headland in county Antrim features in the shipping weather forecast?
  6. Who invented the crossword?
  7. What is the actual first name of jockey Ruby Walsh?
  8. What event happened on April 26, 1986?
  9. Which two teams will contest this year’s Mayo county football final?
  10. What do the letters CNN stand for? **
  11. How many toes does a dog have?
  12. What is the maiden name of Michael D. Higgins’ wife?
  13. Who are the new presenters of Crimecall?
  14. Slieve Donard is the highest peak in which mountain range?
  15. What film was Grace Kelly shooting when she first met Prince Ranier of Monaco?
  16. What is the fifth book of the New Testament?
  17. Which TV personality got into trouble recently with some comments about work practices in RTÉ?
  18. On what (Sky) channel did Mid-West Radio recently launch a TV programme? ***
  19. What was the surname of the Belmullet family who recently won the Lotto?
  20. Who is the CEO of the Health Service Executive?
  21. Which Galway businessman recently featured in an episode of RTÉ’s The Secret Millionaire?

That’s a lot to keep you going.  It’s a sobering thought that nine of them came from one round alone.

There are some good questions in there.  I’d never before even wondered about who invented the crossword!

Update: answers here.


* It was actually round 9 (out of nine) in Gilligan’s.  They were laid out at 8 x 11 plus 1 x 12.

** The quiz mistress stressed that the order was important here.  We still managed to get things backwards!

*** A three-digit Sky channel number was sought here.

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  1. Can’t believe our team got dog’s toes q. wrong…heard that one before and all! Hate when that happens! And I don’t give a …damn who the bloody CEOs are of any company or semi-state quangos! Otherwise a good, but tough, quiz. I’ quizmaster next week, hope ye will enjoy it!

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