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October 22, 2011 in Quizzes

Some breaking news: the low scores earned by the teams on Monday night last mustn’t have deterred me, as I have agreed to be the quiz master once again, on Friday night next (October 28) in Warde’s Pub, Claremorris.  The quiz starts at 8.30pm and you’re all invited! See the calendar for more details.

Anyway, back to the post.  Here are the answers to the (quite difficult, I admit) questions posted in yesterday’s Don’t work… too hard.

I wrote a bit about the concept of ‘quiz knowledge’ yesterday.  To flesh this out a little more, my point is that all knowledge is (or should be) valid.  It’s just a case of a situation arising where the more (shall we say) ‘obscure’ bit of your knowledge become useful.  But… shouldn’t the probability of any particular question coming up be identical across all fields? *

It isn’t. I knew almost nothing in the Popular Culture round below but that has never really mattered before.  99% of the time, in Irish table quizzes, questions like these never, ever, come up.  Is that ‘right’?

Consider the flip side: you might know someone who would do very well in the round being discussed but, if you asked them, would tell you that they are “terrible” at table quizzes and never take part in them. Surely there’s a flaw here?

By which I mean: is there a flaw in the way most Irish table quizzes are created? Do question setters, perhaps, consider their potential crowd and then design a quiz to suit them more than to really test them? Probably not consciously but almost certainly.  To take it further, is there a vernacular in the Irish table quiz world? Could the spectrum of knowledge tested at table quizzes be considered a ‘specialist subject‘ in-and-of itself?

This is a disquieting notion.

Popular culture round :

  1. What is the name of the act that was eliminated from last weekend’s (October 16th) X-Factor? A> Nu Vibe
  2. PS, I Love You was the debut novel by Cecilia Ahern. What was the title of her second? A> Where Rainbows End
  3. Which of the following is not a hair-removal technique: Threading, casting or sugaring? A> Casting
  4. What does the ‘A’ stand for in MAC Cosmetics? A> Art
  5. What are the names of the 2 main characters in the movie The Notebook? A> Noah and Allie
  6. Who is the father of Jordan/Katie Price’s first child Harvey? A> Dwight Yorke
  7. In Sex and the City, what is Mr. Big’s actual first name? A> John
  8. Which shoe designer is known by the trademark red soles on their shoes? A> Christian Louboutin
  9. How many calories are there in a can of Diet Coke: 0, 7 or 70? A> 0
  10. A baby born today (October 17) would have which star sign? A> Libra

All kinds of everything:

  1. In the novel Around the World in Eighty Days by French writer Jules Verne, which character sets off to circumnavigate the globe? A> Phileas Fogg
  2. Name the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, known for her distinctive hair braid,  who was sentenced to seven years in jail last week. A> Yulia Tymoshenko
  3. Which common Irish bird is officially known by the Latin name ‘Troglodytes troglodytes’? A> The Wren
  4. The Quinn Group was formed in 1973 by Sean Quinn. By 2008 they produced cement and glass, provided insurance and owned hotels but in what business was the group first involved? A> Quarrying
  5. The ‘All Whites’ is the nickname for which national football team? A> New Zealand
  6. If someone was to call you by a hypocorism, what type of name would they be using? A> Nickname
  7. Which famous actor was presented with a Special Tony Award in 1985, honoring his 4,525th performance in The King and I on stage? A> Yul Brynner
  8. The pomegranate gets its name from two Latin words, which mean “seeded [what]“? A> Apple
  9. Rod Stewart blamed what hobby, which takes up an area 23 foot by 124 foot in his LA home, for contributing to the end of his second marriage? A> Model railways
  10. The world’s first recorded currency dates from around 3,000 BC in Mesoptamia.  Its name is still used today by one country as its currency.  Name either the currency or the country that uses it. A> Shekel / Israel

Sport round:

  1. Who is the captain of the Connacht Rugby team for the 2011/12 season? A> Gavin Duffy
  2. Paul Cook is the manager of which league of Ireland team? A> Sligo Rovers
  3. In GAA, which county won The Irish Press Cup in September 2011? A> Galway
  4. What game is played on a court with a protruding buttress at one end and is fully enclosed by walls, three of which have sloping roofs known as penthouses, under which are openings for spectators? A> Real Tennis
  5. Which famous Australian horse race is billed as The Race That Stops A Nation? A> The Melbourne Cup
  6. The 1995 Rugby World Cup Final was played in Ellis Park – in which city? A> Johannesburg
  7. What was unusual (physically) about George Eyser, who won six medals in Gymnastics in one day at the 1904 Olympics? A> He had a wooden leg (!)
  8. Founded in 1869 the the Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first fully professional team in which sport? A> Baseball
  9. Ireland has won Olympic medals in four sports.  Athletics and Boxing are two; name the other two. A> Swimming and sailing **
  10. Who are the current Galway Senior Hurling Champions? A> Clarenbridge

Picture round; Where were they born?:

  1. C (Ronan O’Gara)
  2. G (Bruce Willis)
  3. B (Jamie Heaslip)
  4. I (Johnny Galecki)
  5. E (William Shatner)
  6. F (Christian Bale)
  7. J (David O’Leary)
  8. D (Jonas Armstrong)
  9. G (Nicolas Roche)
  10. A (Sergey Brin)

I do like that picture round. David came up with a good one there.


* I apologise heartily for starting a sentence with a conjunction.

** Equestrian doesn’t make the list as Cian O’Connor had to give his one back.

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  1. * But don’t worry John, it seems that it’s permissible :

    Also is it wrong that I would think less of a person who got 10/10 in that Pop Culture round (unless they were on my team)?

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