Sorry about that, Chief

October 26, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

After a couple of weeks away, I returned to Gilligan’s for Tuesday quiz night last evening.  The welcome was warm but the questions were hard.

At the end of the night, my team had scored a hard-fought 59.  Pitiful on any other night but good enough for second place on this occasion, just two points behind the winning team.

I’ll give you a sample of how this state of affairs came about, after the Continue.


  1. In which African country was presidential nominee David Norris born?
  2. How many British No.1s did Westlife have?
  3. The Bishop’s Palace in which county Roscommon town is currently for sale?
  4. What name is given to a triangle with all sides unequal? *
  5. What name is given to a four-sided shape in which only two lines are parrallel? *
  6. What breed of dog gets its name from the German word for splash?
  7. In which central European language does the word ‘ano’ mean yes?
  8. By what other name is GMT known?
  9. What was the name of U2’s first British No.1 single?
  10. Which poem ends with the verse: “He who is wrapped in purple robes, With planets in His care, Had pity on the least of things, Asleep upon a chair.”?
  11. How many Israeli Shekels are equal to a Euro? **
  12. Who wrote The Maltese Falcon?
  13. Which island is the largest of the Greater Antilles?
  14. Which island is nearest to Lybia?
  15. During the 1960s, which TV character’s catchphrase was “Sorry about that, Chief.”?
  16. In manufacturing, what does the acronym SIN stand for?
  17. What was the original name of the Hoover Dam?
  18. Magnata is the ancient Roman name for which Irish city?
  19. In music, what does the term ‘Largo’ mean?
  20. What was the name of William Shakespeare’s final play?
  21. Which Irish port is believed to have been the entry port for the Black Death into Ireland in the 1340s?
  22. Who was mother to Edward V? ***

There was also a music round in which we somehow managed to guess our way to 5/8.  I won’t be reproducing it here as I didn’t recognise all but one of the pieces.

And I doubt you’d be challenged either by Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. 🙂

Update: answers here.


* We got these right but I think they’re worth putting into the archive here.

** The exact answer given ended in .75.  The quiz master accepted the numbers either side of that.

*** We also got this right but, for reasons I’ll explain tomorrow, we didn’t get a point for it.

1 response to Sorry about that, Chief

  1. Winning score was 61? Nothing like a good tough quiz…and what little guilt I had for setting the quiz of 2 weeks back that had a winning score of 59 has now cleared my system! A brainy lot in Gilligans, they need to be tested! No point in an easy quiz I say!

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