Twofer won: answers

November 20, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Here are the answers to the two quizzes worth of questions posed in Twofer won. Or should that be “two quiz’s worth”?

I’m on quiz master duty again on Friday evening.  If you’re anywhere in the vicinity, please come on in to The Dalton Inn, Claremorris, for a quiz in aid of Claremorris Community Radio.  Kick-off is scheduled for 8.30pm, tables of four are €40 and all are welcome!

Right, let’s get on to those answers.

Questions from Ballina:

  1. Mount Leinster is located in which mountain range? A> Blackstairs
  2. The Bellawaddy river flows through which Sligo town? A> Enniscrone
  3. List the colours on the Google logo. A> Red, green, blue and yellow *
  4. Who won the Best Female award at the recent MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast? A> Lady Gaga

Slogans (identify the product):

  1. Because I’m worth it A> L’Oréal
  2. Every little helps A> Tesco
  3. Does exactly what it says on the tin A> Ronseal
  4. Perfect every time A> Uncle Ben’s
  5. Fuel your day A> Weetabix
  6. Cleans deep down dirty A> Daz
  7. Connecting people A> Nokia
  8. I’m lovin’ it A> McDonald’s
  9. Just do it A> Nike
  10. Obey your thirst A> Sprite
  11. The taste of paradise A> Bounty
  12. The best a man can get A> Gillette
  13. Made to make your mouth water A> Starburst **
  14. Do you lick the lid of life? A> Müller
  15. Before you make up your mind – open it A> Irish Independent

Irish towns (anagrams thereof):

  1. Gull in ram A> Mullingar
  2. All rue Tom A> Tullamore
  3. Drip won tack A> Downpatrick
  4. Umbro hands A> Drumshambo
  5. A wad my nun A> Dunmanway
  6. Solo pirate A> Portlaoise
  7. Elk entry net A> Letterkenny
  8. N cows L heart A> Charlestown
  9. Navan drug A> Dungarvan
  10. Inches no try A> Enniscorthy

Picture round:

  1. Katy Perry
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. Yoko Ono
  4. Nicolas Sarkozy
  5. George Clooney
  6. Sarah Palin
  7. Jude Law
  8. Chris Martin
  9. Brittney Spears
  10. Frankie Dettori
  11. Eddie Murphy
  12. Marian Finucane
  13. Mick Wallace
  14. Bill Cullen
  15. Cheryl Cole
  16. Paul O’Connell
  17. Nancy Dell’Olio
  18. George Michael
  19. Ronan O’Gara
  20. Beyoncé Knowles

Questions from Gilligan’s:

  1. What do the letters OFM stand for, after the name of a Franciscan brother? A> Ordo Fratrum Minorum (Order of Friars Minor)
  2. What unit is used to measure silk and nylon? A> Denier
  3. What is the holy book of the Hindu religion? A> The Vedas
  4. What is the collective noun for a group of marching horses? A> Cavalcade
  5. In which city is the headquarters of OPEC? A> Vienna
  6. In the manufacture of what does one use a Pugmill? A> Pottery

That was a bit more work than I intended.  As I’d failed to note down the answers to the town name anagrams, I ended up having to work them all out again!

Hope you enjoyed them.


* If asked this again, I will endevour to remember it as the crowd at a Roscommon v Mayo football match. 😉

** Opal Fruits, says I.

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