We’ll always have Bruges: answers

November 9, 2011 in EQC, Podcast

Mmm, tasty.

Are you ready for some answers? In a moment, I will give you the solutions to those (pretty hard) questions from the Pairs event at the European Quiz Championship that I posted yesterday.

First though, I’d like to point out that, with all the excitement over the weekend, I’ve only just gotten around to putting up the podcast of last week’s After the Fact radio show.  The theme of the show is fire and you can listen to it at this address: www.mixcloud.com/claremorrisfm/after-the-fact-fire/

Anyway, back to those questions.  Click continue reading to see the answers.


  1. What was the two-word nickname of Beatrix Kiddo, aka ‘The Bride’, played by Uma Thurman when she was still part of the ‘Deadly Viper Assassination Squad’ in the Kill Bill movies? A> Black Mamba
  2. From 2003 until 2006, .cs was the country code top-level domain name for Serbia and Montenegro.  Before 1993 .cs had been the country code top-level domain of another country. Which? A> Czechoslovakia
  3. Its neighbouring island is named Blefusco, the capital of the island is Mildendo and it is ruled by an Emperor: Golbasto Momarem Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue.  What island are we talking about? A> Lilliput
  4. Which progressive rock band (1967 – 1972) recorded three albums and split up before the last, ’666′, was released? Its lead singer would also have a great solo career. A> Aphrodite’s Child
  5. This alternative name for Northern Italy, derived from the name of its most important river, was sparsley used until 1990 when the separatist Italian political party ‘Lega Nord’ proposed it as the name of an independent Northern Italy.  Which name? A> Padania
  6. In 1993, the book A Suitable Boy was published, a story that plays in the fictional city of Brahmpur.  With 591,522 words it was the largest book ever published as a single volume in the English language.  It was the second novel of what Indian poet and novelist? A> Vikram Seth
  7. Which French football coach, who celebrated his biggest success in 1984, shares his surname with an eastern Mexican state, a member of the Spanish nobility, a minor planet discovered in 1920 and a county in south-western New Mexico? A> (Michel) Hidalgo
  8. Derived from a city in southern France, what is the name of the 2009 third-person video game, for Xbox and PS3, by Platinum Games, known for its time slowdown or ‘Witch Time’? A> Bayonetta
  9. She has flaming locks of auburn hair, ivory skin and eyes of Emerald green, her smile is like a breath of Spring and her voice is soft like Summer rain.  Whose beauty is beyond compare? A> Jolene
  10. The name of which German philosopher and mathematician (1646 – 1716) appears in tribute in the name of a brand (in two varieties) of German biscuit that is rectangular in shape and has 52 ‘teeth’ around its edge? A> (Gottfried) Liebniz
  11. At the end of the 16th century, Annibale Carracci was commissioned to decorate it with frescoes, which he spent 11 years completing.  In 1992 it served as one of the locations for a live, real-time, worldwide satellite broadcast of Puccini’s opera Tosca.  Rome’s Palazzo Farnese, which actually featured as a location in Puccini’s original work, is now home to which EU member state’s embassy in Italy? A> France
  12. If both coaches use their full allocation over the course of a regular game, what is the maximum number of ‘time-outs’ in an American Football game (assuming no overtime)? A> 12
  13. Although born and raised in Peru and retaining his nationality, residency rules permitted him to play for the USA in the Davis Cup.  1959 was his annus mirablis.  Who was runner-up in the men’s singles final of the US Open, won the men’s singles in the Australian Open, and became the first Latin American to win the Wimbledon’s men’s singles title? A> (Alex) Olmedo
  14. Now giving their name to the airport of Palermo, what was the profession of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, who were murdered in 1992? A> Judges
  15. Which guide book, that was first published by Megadodo Publications, one of the great publishing houses of Ursa Minor, advises its owners never to lose their towel? A> The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Of those above, David and I got 11 correct, missing #4, #9, #10 and #13.  No 9 is the only one that I did know but couldn’t get out of my brain.  Of the correct ones, I will admit that #3, #5, #11 and #14 were educated guesses.

We all have to guess from time-to-time.  As long as you have some pertinent knowledge, you’re in with a chance of getting it right. As an example, consider question #14 above. We didn’t know the answer, hadn’t heard of the men involved but we figured they must have been victims of the mafia. After that, it was just a case of deciding between judges, lawyers and journalists and we felt that judges rang a small bell somewhere.

4 responses to We’ll always have Bruges: answers

  1. Hmm, John I had heard of the men and knew why the airport was named after them . What i couldnt remember was were they prosecutors or judges and you didnt really guess Padania as you’d seen the night before in a picture

    • I’m glad you thought I was that believeable on the issue of Padania!

      Truth is, I’d seen a logo and the word on the Lega Nord flag the evening before but I didn’t know what it meant. It could have been the group they’re affiliated to in the European Parliament or something like that. Hence, in my opinion, we took an educated guess that it might be the name of the region.

      Same with the other one. Picking one of two answers in a situation like that involves a weighted guess.

  2. Those Q’s made me cry. Though #9 and #10 were two of the very few I got! 🙂

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