Delightful obscurity

December 1, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Not long after Mike’s post on questions and how, knowingly or unknowingly, the question setter may ease them for the benefit of the crowd hit this site, I attended the weekly Tuesday quiz in Gilligan’s Bar, Claremorris.

This week’s quizmaster was Mick, my recent team-mate on a couple of successful outings.  He produced a quiz to savour with questions coming from all angles and obscure locations. He opened up with a round featuring songs with numbers in the title. Let me tell you, not alone had I not heard of some of the songs involved, but, in two or three of them, I’d never heard of the artist either!

That set the tone. A couple of rounds were played out to a soundtrack of audible groans from the crowd but, after Bruges and this week’s discussion on difficulty, I found it very entertaining.  Why do we quiz if not to be challenged?

My favourite was a round on Shakespeare.  Yes, we all know “Forsooth I know not why I am so sad…” but do you know what play it’s from? And which character said it? It turned out that I did, although it was an educated guess.

My team finished second on 83, behind the winners’ 91.  These weren’t out of 100 though.  Several of the rounds had 11 questions, many of them had multi-part answers (worth a point each and a bonus awarded to any team who got all) and the picture round had 22. Truth be told, I don’t know what the potential full score was!

Anyway, here are some questions we got wrong *:

  1. How many yellow roses featured in the title of Bobby Darin’s 1962 hit?
  2. How many trombones feature in the 1957 song by Meredith Wilson?
  3. How many miles of bad road featured in Duane Eddy’s 1959 hit song?
  4. What numbers were involved in Manfred Mann’s 1964 No. 5 hit record?
  5. What is the name of the new book by Claremorris historian and author M.J. Reidy?
  6. The Road to ’51, a new book about the history of Mayo Gaelic Football was released recently. Who is it by?
  7. What is the name of the former Senator and Dáil candidate who was recently appointed a District Judge in Westport?
  8. What was the name of the famous band leader who died in October of this year?
  9. What is the proper name for the so-called ‘wild rhubarb’ which is rampant on Achill Island?
  10. Name the Kilkenny hurling captain who scored the winning point in the 1957 All-Ireland senior hurling final.
  11. Which horse was a surprise winner of the Prix de l’Arch de Triomphe earlier this year?
  12. What was the final score in the 2011 Solheim Cup?
  13. Name the Mayo TD who topped the poll in the Dublin Mid-West constituency?
  14. Name the Mayo TD who topped the poll in the Dublin North constituency?
  15. Peadar Ó Ceallaigh, a candidate in Dublin South-East, holds what distinction in the 2011 General Election?
  16. Name both (for a point each) of the two outgoing Fine Gael TDs who lost their seats in the 2011 General Election.
  17. To the nearest thousand, how many votes did Enda Kenny receive in the by-election which brought him in to the Dáil in 1975?
  18. Name all five (for a point each, bonus for all) of the remaining communist countries. **
  19. Name all three (point each + bonus) of the Pakistani cricketers who were convicted of match-fixing this year.
  20. Which pretender to the English throne attempted to rise up and defeat Henry VII before being defeated and executed?
  21. From which Shakespeare play do the lines “If music be the food of love, play on…” come?

My scanner’s on the blink so I don’t have the picture round for you.  I do have some pictures I did myself for a quiz last Friday night in The Dalton Inn.

Pictures 1:

Pictures 2:

Okey doke. Give them all a go.  Answers tomorrow.

PS If you’re anywhere near the internet this evening, listen in to for After the Fact, from 7-8pm. This week it’s all about people called John.

Update: answers here (finally!).


* All that I managed to jot down!

** We got these but I thought you’d like the challenge.

*** I know we missed three in the Shakespeare round but I didn’t get the others noted, unfortunately.

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  1. You missed a question that was asked at euros? Forsooth
    BTW, would it be possible to complete the set of Bruges views as Ive got ideas which i think compliment those of you and mike

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