Bye, bye, Bob

January 10, 2012 in Quiz Show


Bob Holness, the host of the 1980s student quiz Blockbusters died last Friday.

My memories of the show are a little vague, to be honest.  This may or may not be dependent on the fact that the British channels didn’t always work in our house during my youth.  What I do remember is: 1. the mascots, 2. I could never understand why it was two versus one (unfair, surely!) and 3. the dance at the end!

Looking at the video above, I can now add the the questions were easy and the hair styles were massive! Funny what you retain, isn’t it?!

5 responses to Bye, bye, Bob

  1. Cheers for that post. One of the great quizmasters.

  2. The reason for the two against one was that there were more spaces on the horizontal axis (two players) than the vertical. Granted, it was 5 vs. 4, but that was the thinking.

    As far as how easy the questions were, it was a quiz for secondary school students.

    Speaking of memories, there was always the infamous “can I go for a P please, Bob?”.

    • Wow, that one extra hexagon must have been tough to need another team-mate! The quizzing equivalent of hitting the wall in a marathon, perhaps? 😉

  3. When i was 16 some of these questions especially in the gold run were a biteen tough? Now, id be embarassed not to get them but its 20 years later

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