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February 3, 2012 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

The answers to the picture round included in Let’s try something different are posted after the Read the rest… link.

I must tell you all how I’m quite excited about a quiz I’m due to attend this evening.  It’s for the local national school and it’s taking place in the local golf club but neither of those facts is very interesting.

No, what will make this quiz special is: buzzers! As part of its teaching equipment the school has 30 buzzers, each containing four answer buttons.  I haven’t seen them yet so I don’t know if they’re different colours or A-B-C-D. At tonight’s quiz, each table will have one of these devices and will be asked to simply press a button after each question is called out from the floor.  Presumably there’ll be a time limit on each one as the system will have to move on to the next question.  Calls of “Could you repeat question four again please?” will notably be absent tonight.

While enforcing a time limit on teams might seem hard, this will be offset by the fact that each question will be followed by four potential answers.  I feel sorry for the poor question setter who, after coming up with each question, also had to think up three other (believable) answers!

Of course, I’ll report on how it went over the next few days.

Right, here are the answers to the picture round:

  1. Rihanna
  2. Brian Dowling
  3. George Clooney
  4. Matt Damon
  5. Rosanna Davison
  6. Adam Clayton
  7. Katie Price
  8. Kevin Walsh
  9. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  10. George Clooney (again!)
  11. Pippa Middleton
  12. Alan Shatter

Dang and blast, the same person appearing twice in a picture round always throws me. It’s a mental block clearly.  My brain thought “Number 10 can be anyone in the world except the people who were already on the sheet”. Well, there’s no such rule!

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