Questions pour un Irlandais

February 13, 2012 in Quiz Show

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Still miss Going for Gold?  Well, move to France where its spinoff show, Questions pour un champion, still airs – as it has done since November 1988.

I’m currently in France (on holiday – thankfully not as an attendee at this match) and I happened upon an episode of it last night on French TV.  I was struck by the format, which is identical to Going for Gold, and the all-action host – who is nothing like Henry Kelly!

I intended just putting up any old clip for you to check out but I found something even better.  It’s an episode form last March and features an Irish man – Sean Dingle from Dublin.  Have a watch and see how he got on.

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  1. No need to move to France, just get Sky TV, you can catch “Questions Pour Un Champion” on TV5 (channel 799) at 3:30pm on weekdays!
    “Going For Gold” was a quiz classic…what a theme tune!

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