A plethora of picture round answers

April 7, 2012 in Quizzes

Stuck for something to do on this Easter Saturday? Have a look back on the many picture rounds I included in Thursday’s post A plethora of pictures, before clicking on the read the rest… to see the answers.

That is all.  Have a good Easter everyone.

A picture round:

  1. Richard Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan
  2. Pádraic Ó Conaire
  3. Claire Daines
  4. Aisling O’Sullivan
  5. Derval O’Rourke
  6. Emma O’Driscoll
  7. Roisin Shorthall
  8. Kenny Daglish
  9. David Kelly
  10. Paddy Moloney

Identify the logos:

  1. John West
  2. John Deere
  3. Subaru
  4. Lyons Tea
  5. Schweppes
  6. Weetabix
  7. Smithwicks
  8. Finish
  9. Whiskas
  10. Porsche

Actors and Shakespearean characters:

  1. Ian McKellan as MacBeth
  2. Judi Dench as Lady MacBeth
  3. Al Pacino as Shylock
  4. Kenneth Brannagh as Hamlet
  5. Kate Winslet as Ophelia
  6. Laurence Olivier as Henry V
  7. Marlon Brando as Mark Antony
  8. Claire Danes as Juliette
  9. Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo
  10. Ralph Fiennes as Coriolanus

Identify the monarchs (see below for help):

With that last round, I also included the following list, which only includes all their names! However, I give with one hand and (slightly) take back with the other as there are 11 names on the list, so you still need to know your stuff to get full marks.


Monarch Number
Anne  2
Catherine II  7
Francis I  6
Frederick II  1
George IV  4
Henry VII  5
Ivan IV  8
Peter I
Philip IV  10
Victor Emmanuel III  9
William I  3


I hope you enjoyed them!

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