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August 27, 2012 in Quizzes

Recognise this trophy?

It was the best of quizzes, it was the worst of quizzes.  I shalln’t insult Dickens’ memory any further by continuing to paraphrase his work but that most-famous and adaptable of opening lines perfectly suits the quiz I took part in last Friday night.

The hosting venue, and organisers, were the staff of the Oslo Bar, Salthill, Co. Galway, which was celebrating its third birthday.  Delightfully, they decided to mark this auspicious event with a quiz.  This was great news (would that other venues would respect quizzes this much) as it lead to a party atmosphere.

Good point: This great atmosphere was created by a large crowd.  The place was packed – so much so that the organisers encouraged the formation of 6-person teams.     Oh, and there was a free barbecue afterwards!  Happy days!

Bad point: The party atmosphere wasn’t conducive to clear questions on the microphone.  This might have just been down to the radio mic being carried hither and yon throughout the night by lovely quiz-mistress not being up to snuff as the audio rounds were clear as a bell.  Either that or she is very soft spoken…

Good point: The quiz was run on the basis of there being four ’rounds’, which were divided into three ‘sections’ each.  I’m all for novel ideas when it comes to quiz organisation.  This particular one meant that the answer sheets only needed to be collected on four occasions.

Bad point: We were only given four answer sheets so they had to contain the answers to all three sections.  Not so bad, except that one of the ‘sections’ had 16 possible answers whilst another had 31!

Party on! The crowd, and the big screen, just before the Oslo quiz.

Good point: Those long rounds were terrific.  A ‘Name the film’ round featured a video montage of famous lines from 31 movies.  I also enjoyed a picture round of eight famous sporting trophies.  Top of the pile though was the music round which featured a mash up of 16 different songs.  It was absolutely brilliant.  I’ve emailed the bar to see if I can feature it here, in fact.

Bad point: The night featured the most incorrect question I’ve ever heard.  That’s right, question.  It was this: “Which Swedish golfer has 20 victories on the PGA Tour?”  Who could it be? Peter Hanson? Alexander Norén? Ourselves, we had a guess on Jesper Parnevik.

As an aside, I caught the attention of the quiz-mistress as she passed our table to ask her if they meant a male or female golfer.  After all, Sweden’s most successful golfer is a lady.  She looked at me as if I was trying to pull a fast one and said “It’s a golfer – the sex doesn’t matter!” 🙂

Anyway – the answer they sought? Greg Norman.  That’s right, famous Australian golfer Greg Norman.  I’d say he’s the man they meant alright, as his record does indeed show 20 wins on the PGA Tour.  Well, at least we knew no-one in the room could have gotten a point at our expense!

Good point: They called out every table’s score after each of the ‘quarters’.  Nice, thorough.

Bad point: The scoring was a bit of a magic box.  At the halfway mark, we thought we had around 40 points.  I said 41, Mike reckoned 40.  We were informed, however, that while we were the leaders, we apparently had 33 points.  This was one ahead of the team in second.

By the end, what with the likes of the 31 points round, we hadn’t a clue what the final possible total of points must have been.  All we knew is that we had indeed won with a score of 121 points, a handy 17 points ahead of our nearest challengers.

As Larry Gogan never said, the questions apparently suited us.  The happiest people in the room were probably Henry and Katerina, our two extra team-mates who we were asked to adopt so as to make up a full table of six.  Henry had been awake since 3am, when he’d left England to come home for the weekend; Katerina is an Italian, now living in Galway.  I don’t think either of them expected to be part of the winning team when they decided to go to the bar and see if they could take part in the quiz.  🙂

Here is a selection of some of the night’s difficult questions:

  1. How many black keys are there on a standard piano?
  2. What nationality is record producer and DJ Tiesto?
  3. Name either (or both for a point each) of the songs featuring the word fandango that has topped the UK charts.*
  4. How many minutes in a game of (field) hockey?
  5. In which TV series were Jefferson and Macey Darby the neighbours?
  6. ‘The World’s best-kept secret’ is the tagline of which film?
  7. In what sport can one win the trophy in the picture (top-right)?
  8. ‘Vakmanschap is Meesterschap’ is the slogan of which alcoholic beverage? **

Update: answers (plus audio round) here.

* We got both of these but I liked the question enough to jot it down.
** We got this one.  We may have been aided by the fact that it featured on the beermats at our table though!

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