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September 26, 2012 in Interactive, Quizzes

The first of the Autumnal series of quizzes, in aid of Liam’s Wheels, took place in The King’s Head, in Galway, on Monday night last.

It was all put together in under a week, as we decided we’d need to have the first quiz take place in September.  Linked in to this decision was the theme I’d chosen for the questions: Back to school.  It’s still topical now.  Next month, not so much.

The short-notice also affected the promotion of the event by the King’s Head staff but, in spite of my own fears, a very impressive crowd of 26 tables turned up!

The quiz itself flew by, with the final results being announced at the unusually early time of 11.05pm.  I think the audience appreciated the unusual nature of the questions but I must put my hand up and admit that I got one wrong.  It was pointed out to me almost instantly and, as it had been in the round before the break, we were able to rectify the scoreboard before the second half begun.  No harm done, therefore, but it was still very embarassing as it must be several years since I last let a wrong answer stray under my radar.  For the record, turtles are reptiles, not amphibians. 🙁

If you’d like to have a go at the questions, and try out one of the night’s picture rounds, click the Read the rest… link.

Picture round:

Update: answers here.

Interactive quiz:

Back to School

True or false: Castanets are percussion instruments.
True or false: Toronto is the capital of Canada
True or false: Captain Robert Falcon Scott was the first man to reach the South Pole
True or false: The answer to the sum “2 + 3 × 4” is 14
Christopher Columbus was born in which city?
What date in July 1789 did the French people attack the Bastille?
What are the Iron Age man-made dwellings in the middle of lakes called?
Which Irish poet wrote the verse for 'Down by the Salley Garden'?
Which famous puppeteer created 'Fraggle Rock'?
A heptagon is a shape with how many sides?
What is a baby Koala called?
Emma has 2 yard sticks. She also has a 12-inch ruler. She laid them end-to-end in a line. How many feet long is the line?
What is 15 divided by 1/3?
What was St. Patrick’s job when he first came to Ireland?
The 2010 film 'Tangled' told the story of which fairytale character?
Which Irish hero, the son of Fionn, lived in Tír na nÓg for 300 years with Níamh Chinn Óir?
What is the repetition of a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of words or phrases?
Which Roald Dahl story features a young English boy and his father, who live in a Gypsy caravan, fixing cars for a living and also partake in poaching pheasants?

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