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October 31, 2012 in Interactive, Quizzes

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! On Monday night, I got in to the spirit of the season a few days early as I hosted a quiz all about this most frightening of festivals.

It was the second of the Autumnal series of quizzes in The King’s Head bar in Galway and a fun crowd turned up.  About half of them came in fancy dress which was lovely as it definitely added to the atmosphere.  The other tables, I’m reliably informed, “didn’t get the memo”. 🙂

There was also a contest for the best team name.  There were some strong, Halloween-based contenders for this title such as Hex Factor, The Tell-tale Fart, Brain Dead and, probably my favourite, Stephen King’s Head.  However, the winner was none of these.  It was also a name that had nothing to do with Halloween.  The winners, by acclamation during the half-time score announcement, were “We’re only here because we haven’t got a Saorview box.”

The questions did, however, have a Hallowe’en slant.  I’ve included a selection for you to try at the end of the post.  There’s also a picture round and an audio one too.  I hope you realise how spoiled you are. 😉

Picture round (1 point each for the actor and the character they are portraying):

Audio round *:

Interactive quiz:

Scarey questions

Irish rocker Brush Shields celebrates his birthday on Halloween each year, even though he was actually born in May?
Production funds were so low for the original Halloween movie (1978) that a mask of William Shatner was used for the villain Michael Myers?
The US State of Vermont outlawed trick-or-treating in 1989?
In folklore what is the name given to an animal which possesses magical powers (such as a witch's cat)?
Guising is the original name for which Hallowe'en tradition?
The Day of the Dead, a festival over Hallowe'en, popular throughout the Spanish-speaking world, originated in which country?
The Battle of Beersheba took place on Halloween 1917. It's most famous now due to the fact that it saw the last ever successful use of which military tactic?
Which Irish author published the Vampire novella Carmilla, a story which predates Dracula by 25 years?
Each year, The Simpsons TV show airs a Hallowe'en special. These all have the same name, with a number being added each year. What are they called?
Believed to predate Hallowe'en, the natives of which island celebrate Hop-tu-Naa on October 31st?
Name the wizard played by horror legend Christopher Lee in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy?
By what wizardly name is the Falco columbarius, a small species of falcon native to Northern Europe and Canada better known?
In the world of Harry Potter, what word is used to describe regular, non-magical humans?

Update: answers here.


* I’ve given up on Soundcloud. Its piracy checker decided it didn’t like me playing some of these 30 second extracts. 🙁

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