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January 11, 2013 in Quiz Show, Quizzes

victoria-corenI’ve been notified of a couple of opportunities for quizzing in the last week. Firstly, the first-ever Tri-Nations Quizzing Tournament, featuring teams from Ireland, Scotland and Wales will take place in Edinburgh on the last weekend of April this year. This weekend of quizzing promises to be great fun and allows quizzers from each country to sample international quizzing. For more information, the Irish Quiz Organisation page on Facebook will keep you updated over the next few weeks.

Does anyone fancy meeting Victoria Coren?* If you do, and you live somewhere in the UK**, the producers of fiendish BBC television show Only Connect are currently seeking contestants for their next series. You can find more info by checking out this handy PDF file.

Finally, the answers to the sporting questions posed on Monday last (A podium place) are posted after the Read the rest… Click to see how you got on.

Here’s the picture round:
Claremorris sports pics

  1. Tommy Walsh
  2. Brian Barry-Murphy
  3. Paul Mannion
  4. Andy Goram
  5. Rodney Marsh
  6. Darren Ferguson
  7. Shane Long
  8. Angelo Dundee
  9. Oscar Pistorius
  10. Jimmy Barry-Murphy

Questions we missed:

  1. Which winning distance was longer in the 2012 Summer Olympics: Men’s Discus or Women’s Discus? A> Women
  2. Which member of the Soccer Saturday panel on Sky Sports has more international caps? Phil Thompson / Paul Merson / Charlie Nicholas / Matt Le Tissier A> Phil Thompson (42 caps)
  3. Who is Aston Villa’s captain for the 2012/13 season? A> Ron Vlaar
  4. Patrick Viera received 8 red cards in his English Premier League career. This puts him in joint-first in the list of red cards with which Irish player? A> Richard Dunne
  5. How many All-Ireland senior championship medals does Henry Shefflin have? A> Nine

Playoff questions ***:

  1. In what year did the first hosting of the Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest, take place? A> 1897
  2. At the start of the 2012 Formula One season, the grid featured six previous world champions. Name them. A> Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Räikkönen
  3. How many clubs took part in the 2011/12 FA Cup? A> 763
  4. In what year did Offaly win the All-Ireland Hurling title via the ‘back door’? A> 1998
  5. In 2007 Portsmouth and Reading set the record for the game with the most goals in the FA Premier League. How many goals were scored in total? A> 11 (7-4)

* I do!
** So unfair. The production company tell me it’s “due to the BBC licensing policy which we have agreed to as an external production company making a programme for BBC.” Oh well, someday.
*** Closest answer got the point, if both teams were wrong.

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