Vegetarians, look away now

March 19, 2013 in Quizzes

Tasty trophy

The future of my tasty trophy…

Last Friday, for the first time in the four years I’ve lived at my current address, I attended a quiz in my local pub. This particular venue, the Coney Island Bar & Lounge, is about a mile from my house – which makes it about four miles closer than any other. Still, if no quizzes take place you can’t attend them and, as far as I know, this was the first one in those four years.

It was the 2013 version of Gorthaganny National School quiz which I was so enthralled by last year. This year’s quiz sadly did not feature those futuristic buzzers which seemed to usher in a new era in quizzing. They still might but, on Friday night, it was retro quizzing with paper scoresheets, biros and manual counting.

I turned up on spec and ended up on a team with two neighbours, Tommy and Mary, and another Thomas, who hails from the other side of the village. It was that kind of event.

The quiz was once again created by the teachers of the school and they did a great job. Almost all the rounds were themed – and in creative ways. Two off the top of my head were called ‘Parts of the body’ (where the answer was always a homonym of a body part) and ‘Feathered friends’, in which a bird featured in the answer. If you look through the questions at the end of the post you’ll notice that we didn’t ace the latter of those two.

Still, we did well, and were in joint-first place at half-time. We thought our goose was cooked in round seven though, which featured questions taken from the fifth and sixth class curricula. (Again, see the questions below). Unfortunately, even though we are all parents, none of our children have yet reached the big kids room and we struggled. In the end, we felt lucky to get out of there with a seven.

As things turned out though, our joint-leaders at half-time must also have been bereft of fifth class knowledge as they ended up two behind us after the round. The quiz now had new leaders, two ahead of us (and presumably high in the afore-mentioned knowledge). However, we finished well, with two 10s and ended up winning by three points.

That’s when our top prize was revealed. Four legs of lamb! Hopefully, the title now makes sense.

Tommy and Mary, being a married couple, decided that two legs of lamb was just plain greedy and donated one back to the organisers, who raffled it off for a bit of extra money.  Somehow it all seemed much more significant than the regular returning of a prize to the hosts.

My own trophy has since been deposited in the deep freezer and will next see the light of day on Easter Sunday. It’s not often quizzing brings home the bacon but last Friday night we got pretty close!

Picture round:


Questions we missed:

  1. What is the name of the police officer in Top Cat?
  2. What is the name of Popeye’s son?
  3. Which John Grisham novel was turned into a movie starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts?
  4. Which Jack Higgins novel, set during World War II, was turned into a film starring Michael Caine?
  5. Who wrote Under the Hawthorn Tree?
  6. Which book features the characters Cassie and Little Man?
  7. Who wrote the books Holes, Monkey Soup and Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes?
  8. In Bingo, what number is referred to as ‘Doctor’s Orders’?
  9. Name the doctor who recently made a competitor cry on Operation Transformation.
  10. Jessica Capshaw plays Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy – who is her famous stepdad?

Give them a go.  Answers will follow tomorrow or shortly thereafter.

Update: answers here.

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