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September 24, 2013 in Quizzes

dejectedSo, the ticket hunt is over for another year and the Mayo footballer’s wait for the senior All-Ireland title will last at least another 12 months.

I don’t actually know if my team-mates from last Wednesday evening managed to get their hands on those precious pieces of paper. I haven’t seen them since. If they did, at least they got to see the Mayo minor team win that championship for the first time in almost 30 years.

And it was a sunny day too, which was nice.

Right, that’s all I’m going to say about it. Now, it’s time for the answers to the questions I posed in last week’s post.

Questions we missed:

  1. Which is the smallest county, in area, in the province of Ulster? A> Armagh
  2. Which of the following has made the least appearances for Manchester United: John O’Shea, Roy Keane, Denis Irwin? A> John O’Shea
  3. Which artist released the album Funhouse? A> Pink
  4. Who is the current Mayo Man of the Year? A> Michael Feeney
  5. Who is the current mayor of Castlebar? A> Noreen Heston
  6. Outside of County Dublin, which town/city has the largest population in the province of Leinster? A> Drogheda
  7. Who was the last outfield player to captain Mayo in an All-Ireland senior final? A> David Heaney
  8. How many Mayo clubs have reached the final of the All-Ireland Club football championship? A> Five (Garrymore, Castlebar Mitchells, Knockmore, Ballina Stephenites, Crossmolina)
  9. Who wore #13 for Mayo in last year’s All-Ireland senior football final? A> Enda Varley
  10. Name the last two club mates to start an All-Ireland final for Mayo at midfield? A> David Brady and Pat Harte
  11. Who scored the goal for Dublin in the 1995 All-Ireland football final? A> Charlie Redmond
  12. The Clancy Brothers hail from which county? A> Tipperary
  13. Who recently replaced Pat Kenny on the RTÉ tv programme Prime Time? A> David McCullagh *

Playoff questions:

  1. Who is the deputy leader of Fine Gael? A> James Reilly
  2. Who is the current Irish ambassador to the United States? A> Anne Anderson
  3. Who is the current captain of the Munster rugby team? A> Peter O’Mahony
  4. Which is the fourth-largest town in Mayo, by population? A> Claremorris
  5. In what town is the headquarters of Shannonside FM located? A> Longford

Picture round (click to enlarge):

Click to enlarge

  1. Ben Affleck
  2. Nadine Coyle
  3. Martin Jol
  4. Angela Lansbury
  5. Seán Duignan
  6. Julia Gillard
  7. Dylan Moran
  8. Lindsey Lohan
  9. James Larkin **
  10. Halle Berry
  11. Maria Draghi
  12. Samantha Mumba

That’s all. You now know more about Mayo than you probably will need – until next year, perhaps.

* Hmmm. He’s one of the hosts.
** Honestly, I’d never seen this picture before. Now, I link to his wiki profile and it’s the image right at the top!

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