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September 20, 2013 in Culture, Quizzes

may-fan-ticketWorking where I do, it has been near impossible this week to find a conversation that didn’t include the word “tickets” being mentioned. As in “Any sign of a ticket?” or “I have a fella looking out for a ticket for me in Longford.” Yes, it’s an inescapable fact: Mayo will play in this weekend’s All-Ireland Football final and people round here want to go.

This explains why, on Wednesday evening: (a) your Roscommon correspondent ended up with two ticket-starved Mayo fans (and a Galway man) at a quiz in Castlebar, and (b) around 120 other people did too. The quiz was organised by Cairde Mhaigh Eo, the Mayo supporters’ club, and the star prize was two tickets to the big game for the winning team. Just two tickets? Yes. As a matter of fact, they had four tickets but the other two were only up-for-grabs via the night’s raffle.

The quiz took place in the Bosh bar in Mayo’s county town and was, on the whole, a very well-run event. Upon paying their entry fee, each team received a clear plastic folder which contained their answer book, their table number and, generously for the forgetful, a pen.

The flipside though was a couple of very annoying questions. Here are two from the first round:

  • In what year was the Berlin Wall finally demolished?
  • Which artist is commonly believed to have designed the uniform of the Swiss Guards?

Come on now, “commonly believed”? Why would anyone include those words in a question? Surely, it’s facts we’re after not hearsay? What if the quiz happened to have in attendance an expert in the field of Renaissance art who disputes the given answer (Michaelangelo, by the way) and thinks, in fact, that Piermatteo d’Amelia designed the uniform? Arguments this way lie…

The other question was even worse. Their answer, 1990, gave rise to howls of derision. The quizmistress came back on the microphone and reiterated “We did say finally demolished.” However, three of our four team have been to Berlin and, as recently as this March, seen that some of the wall still stands. So, surely, it has never been “finally” demolished, if you’re going to be pedantic about it!

Anyway, on we go. The quiz featured eight rounds and a maximum possible score of 82 (picture round worth 12). After six rounds we were right in the hunt, in joint-second on 53 just one behind the sole leaders. However, round seven was our nemesis: the Mayo GAA round.

I’m not complaining in the slightest, given the nature of the organisers and the prize on offer. Let it be entered into the record though that we only scored 5/10 in that round and, by the end, finished joint-third, three points behind two teams (winning score: 70) who then had to playoff for the tickets. Now there’s a playoff with some pressure!

Questions we missed:

  1. Which is the smallest county, in area, in the province of Ulster?
  2. Which of the following has made the least appearances for Manchester United: John O’Shea, Roy Keane, Denis Irwin?
  3. Which artist released the album Funhouse?
  4. Who is the current Mayo Man of the Year?
  5. Who is the current mayor of Castlebar?
  6. Outside of County Dublin, which town/city has the largest population in the province of Leinster?
  7. Who was the last outfield player to captain Mayo in an All-Ireland senior final?
  8. How many Mayo clubs have reached the final of the All-Ireland Club football championship?
  9. Who wore #13 for Mayo in last year’s All-Ireland senior football final?
  10. Name the last two club mates to start an All-Ireland final for Mayo at midfield?
  11. Who scored the goal for Dublin in the 1995 All-Ireland football final?
  12. The Clancy Brothers hail from which county?
  13. Who recently replaced Pat Kenny on the RTÉ tv programme Prime Time?

Playoff questions:

  1. Who is the deputy leader of Fine Gael?
  2. Who is the current Irish ambassador to the United States?
  3. Who is the current captain of the Munster rugby team?
  4. Which is the fourth-largest town in Mayo, by population?
  5. In what town is the headquarters of Shannonside FM located?

We got three of the playoff questions correct, which tied the eventual winners. Not that it mattered or anything!

Picture round (click to enlarge):
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