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March 12, 2014 in Quizzes

2014 Irish OpenRightyo, this post will include the answers to the questions I posted last Friday. Before we get to them though, I will report on some quizzing I’ve done in the interim.

I’ve been to two quizzes since and I hope you’ll forgive me but I’m going to step out of order to cover them.  The more recent of the two took place in Dublin on Saturday last. The first Irish Quiz Open was held in the IQO‘s home venue, the Addison Lodge. In truth this was a continuation of our first such Open, which took place in March 2013. However, that inaugural event was called the ‘Dublin Open’. We’re aiming higher than that now…

Three of our members Derek Cray, John Groarke and Colm O’Sullivan took charge of preparing the question set for the main event, the individual Open, and I think they did a great job. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring home my question paper when the day was done so I can’t pick you out a few choice examples of their work. I’ll see if I can sort that out in a later post.

The individual quiz was ran over two halves, each featuring three sections, each containing 40 questions. We didn’t do a discard section, so all six counted. I was happy with my own performance, averaging in the high 20s (from 40, remember) in each section. When the scores were totted up, I had finished fifth, one lower than last year but bang on my Irish ranking. I was happy with that.

At the top of the board, Lorcan Duff had some daylight between his score and second place. Second was a much closer affair, with Dave McBryan squeaking past Kevin Jones by a single point. Mark Henry (aided by near infinite horse racing knowledge) finished a few ahead of me, in fourth.

After a lunch break, I was proctor for our holding of the Hot 100 quiz. We had been given a special dispensation by the IQA to offer the March Hot 100 after the official closing date. I’d already taken this month’s paper a week before, so I took care of printing out the papers etc. for the quizzers who wanted to take part (and didn’t mind skipping the Ireland-Italy rugby match).

The day’s final event was a social quiz, with teams created based on the scores from the individual quiz. I was put together with Dermot Downes and Paul Mitchell and, for the opening half, we were flying. Colm O’Sullivan wrote and hosted this quiz, which had an unusual layout. Each of its eight rounds featured six questions with each question having the same number of answers as the number itself. Thus, question one would have one answers, q2 had two, q3 three etc.

We came out of the traps flying, including 20/21 in the sports round and we well out in front. Our form started to turn when I (and only I) messed up a question on the six wives of Henry VIII by mixing up the final two Catherines. Unfortunately, Colm had required us to get them in order so I had cost the team two points. Never mind, we were still tied first at half-time.

However, we had a mare in the second half, including scoring a pretty abysmal 11/21 in a round on biology. It turns out that none of us knew anything about biology. In fact, after hearing one of the questions (‘Name the two types of transport tissue in vascular plants.’), to a man we realised we didn’t even know what transport tissues were. Later, our guess at naming the six types of quark was, quite rightly, compared to instructions for the Hokey Cokey by the team correcting our answer sheet!

Things only improved slightly by the end. When the scores were called out we, joint-leaders after four rounds remember, were (ahem) dead last. Stylishly last, around seven points adrift of the team above us…

Still, it didn’t lessen my enjoyment of the day. Well done to the organising crew.

Now, back to last week.

identify-the-flagsAnswers to questions:

  1. Who is the chairperson of GSOC, the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission? A> Simon O’Brien
  2. Who is the Lord Mayor of Dublin? A> Oisín Quinn
  3. What is the fruit of the blackthorn tree? A> Sloe
  4. A smolt is the young of what animal? A> Salmon
  5. In what country is the western-most point of mainland Europe? A> Portugal
  6. What cape was originally called ‘The Cape of Storms’? A> Cape of Good Hope
  7. What is the second-largest country in Europe, after Russia? A> Ukraine
  8. How many players are on a Volleyball team? A> Six
  9. Identify the two national flags. A> Singapore and Philippines

Playoff questions we missed:

  1. Who is the current Minister of State for European Affairs? A> Paschal Donohue
  2. In which European city are the basketball team Zalgiris based? A> Kaunas
  3. What trophy did the Mayo senior hurling team win last year? A> Keogh Shield

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