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September 7, 2015 in Quizzes


Meet Sophie Tucker

Here are the answers to the post I put up way back last week sometime.

Thanks to my dad, my aunt Louise and my cousin Michelle for making it such an enjoyable 80% of a quiz.  If only we’d been there for (crazy idea!) the start of round one…

Weren’t the dingbats quite difficult? When you do a lot of quizzes, you tend to see this type of round a lot and, as with cryptic crosswords, you learn how to do them. In this case though, we struggled badly and, if I recall, only scored 4/10. I met a man ‘up the town’ a day or two later who’d also done the quiz. The dingbats were the first thing he wanted to talk about. “We were sure we had four,” he said. “Turned out we only got one of them.”

Also, can’t say I’d ever heard of Sophie Tucker. Even when the answer was announced, I was none the wiser. It’s an answer I’ll remember for ever more though!

We did much better in the cars and cities round, scoring 9/10 in both. Car 7 and city 8 got us – even though we tried several cities with that particlar ending!

Answers after the click…

Famous cars:

Golf Club cars

  1. The Dukes of Hazzard
  2. Magnum P.I.
  3. Miami Vice
  4. Knight Rider
  5. Wayne’s World
  6. Mad Max
  7. Smokey and the Bandit
  8. The Love Bug
  9. Dumb and Dumber
  10. Columbo

US Cities:

Golf Club US cities

  1. Beverly Hills
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Salt Lake City
  5. Kansas City
  6. Des Moines
  7. Detroit
  8. Indianapolis
  9. San Antonio
  10. New Orleans


Golf Club dingbats

  1. A grave error
  2. Not enough to go round
  3. Tall, dark and handsome
  4. Differing opinions
  5. Nothing out of the ordinary
  6. Down in the dumps
  7. Piggyback ride
  8. Jumping to conclusions
  9. Three degrees below zero
  10. Right under your nose

Questions we missed:

  1. By what nickname was the following person better known: Nigel Benn? A> Dark Destroyer
  2. Same question: Sophie Tucker? A> The Last of the Red Hot Mamas
  3. Same question: John McEnroe? A> SuperBrat
  4. In what year did Dustin the Turkey represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest? A> 2008
  5. In what year was the Rose of Tralee contest first held? 1959
  6. In what year did Princess Diana die? You must answer in Roman numerals! A> MCMXCVII
  7. A person born on Bastille Day has what star sign? A> Cancer *
  8. What does a deltiologist collect? A> Postcards **
  9. In what year did Michael Jackson die? A> 2009
  10. Mount Elbert is the highest peak in which mountain range? A> Rockies

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