This could be Rotterdam…

November 6, 2015 in EQC

dutch-windmillThis year’s European Quizzing Championships will kick off this afternoon in Rotterdam.  You can find out more about it via the following link:

After taking a year off last year, I am currently en route to this year’s event.  (Aside: thank you Dublin Airport and your free wifi.)  Ireland are sending a five-person team this year: David Lea, Kevin Jones, Lorcan Duff, Mark Henry and myself.

Guess who’s fifth-ranked out of the group? Yes, ’tis me.  That means I obviously won’t be a member of the Nations Cup team (aside: #coybig!) but I will still get to take part in all the events.

Here’s the weekend’s quizzing schedule:

16:15 National Teams and Aspirational Cup qualifying
20:30 National Teams and Aspirational Cup semi-finals, and placings matches
22:45 Fun Dutch Quiz

9:30 Individual Quiz (part 1)
13:30 Individual Quiz final
15:00 Aspirational Cup final and final round of placing matches
19:30 Club Team championship
23:00 Hot 100

10:00 Pairs Championship
14:00 National Teams final

Stay tuned to the blog here for my reports on each of the events and how the Irish team got on.

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